Waivers and Forms


2020/2021 Ski Season

A Nakkertok athlete travelling to an out-of-town team event, e.g., a competition, a training camp, etc, represents not only him/herself and his/her teammates but also represents Nakkertok. In order to protect the individual, his/her teammates and Nakkertok, it is important that each athlete adhere to the following rules. For sports events, the Governing Rules of the sport and the competition will also apply.

While the coach(es) will prepare participants with regard to the behavior expected of them at the event, and the coach(es) and chaperones have the responsibility for supervising the athletes for the entire period during which they are absent from home, they cannot be everywhere and at all times. It is thus incumbent on the athletes to self-supervise and strictly adhere to these rules of behavior. The athlete must:

  1. Abstain from possessing or consuming alcohol. Underage drinking is expressly prohibited.

  2. Senior athletes (those over the age of majority in the local jurisdiction) may consume alcohol in the appropriate circumstances, but only with the express permission of the trip leader and away from

  3. the place of accommodation.

  4. Abstain from the non-medical use of drugs or the use of performance-enhancing drugs. The use of

  5. illegal drugs is expressly prohibited.

  6. Respect the property of others and not willfully cause damage. Any extra costs incurred as a result of individual or group athlete behavior or relating to an individual, e.g., damage to accommodations, damage or lost equipment will be the responsibility of that athlete or the group.

  7. Adhere to all federal, provincial, municipal laws.

  8. Promote the sport in the most constructive and positive manner possible.

  9. Deport themselves in a manner becoming of representatives of Nakkertok. Attention must be paid to:

• Respect for others:

o All participants have the right to freedom from any type of harassment, thus

behavior that constitutes harassment, sexual harassment or sexual

misconduct is expressly prohibited.

o Athletes are expected to respect the right of others to undisturbed rest. o If room visits involve persons less than 18 years of age, doors are to be accessible by trip organizers or left ajar allowing clear view of the rooms and occupants. o All team members must confirm with one of the coaching /support staff that they are aware of and are in concurrence with their whereabouts and activities at all times when away from the team accommodations or the race site.

  • Avoiding conduct that intentionally damages Nakkertok’s image, credibility or reputation.

  • Dressing in a manner representative of Nakkertok.

  • Reporting an Incident:

  1. Any individual may report an incident regarding violations of the above rules and should do so during the event to a coach or the trip organizer

  2. Minor breaches of expected behavior will be dealt with the head coach along with the trip organizer by discussing the problem with the athlete(s) involved and reviewing their explanation of the events that transpired. In a minor breach the Racing Director may be informed of the breach and actions taken.

  3. If a major breach should occur, the Racing Director shall be involved in any actions and discussion with the parents as well.

  4. For major breaches (e.g., consumption of alcohol, possession of illicit drugs, sexual harassment) a formal incident report should be filed by the trip organizer or the lead coach with the Racing Director and the President of Nakkertok.

  5. Such a formal incident report must be in writing with the details fully specified. The incident report must be filed within fourteen (14) days of the alleged incident. Anonymous complaints may be accepted at the sole discretion of the Nakkertok Ski Association (NSA). Incident reports are to be submitted to the President of Nakkertok at president@nakkertok.ca..

Dropbox File = Governance / Policies / Racing Program Code of Conduct 2019 - 2020

  1. Filing an incident report outside of the fourteen (14) day period must provide a written statement giving reasons for an exemption to this limitation. The decision to accept, or not accept, the complaint outside of the fourteen (14) day period will be at the sole discretion of NSA. This decision may not be appealed.

  2. At NSA’s discretion, NSA may act as the complainant and initiate the incident review process. In such cases, NSA will identify an individual to represent NSA.

Major Incident Review and Discipline Procedure:

On receipt of a formal incident report, the President of Nakkertok will assign a Case Manager who will then decide the format under which the complaint will be heard. The Case Manager will appoint a Discipline Panel, which shall consist of a single Adjudicator, to hear the complaint. In extraordinary circumstances, and at the discretion of the Case Manager, a Panel of three persons may be appointed to hear the complaint. In this event, the Case Manager will appoint one of the Panel’s members to serve as the Chair. If the Respondent acknowledges the facts of the incident, the Respondent may waive the hearing, in which case the Panel will determine the appropriate disciplinary sanction. The Panel may still hold a hearing for the purpose of determining an appropriate sanction. The Discipline Panel will i) hear all Parties in the complaint ii) make a ruling and then iii) decide on the sanction, if any, to be assessed. Within 14 days of the discipline hearing, a report of the matter in question and the sanction, if any, shall be sent to all parties in the complaint.

The incident review and discipline procedure is confidential and involves only the President of Nakkertok, the Parties, the Case Manager, and the Discipline Panel. Once the procedure is initiated, none of the Parties will disclose confidential information relating to the complaint or the discipline to any person not involved in the proceedings.


Sanctions imposed by the Discipline Panel may include but are not limited to: a verbal or written apology, service contribution to Nakkertok, expulsion from Nakkertok, removal of certain club privileges, suspension from certain teams, events and/or activities, payment of the cost of repairs for property damage, referral to the appropriate legal authority.

These Rules of Behavior for Participants recognize and reflect Version 0.4 of Nakkertok’s “Code of Conduct and Disciplinary and Complaints Policy” currently under review with the Nakkertok Board of Directors


I as an athlete acknowledge that I have read and understand the Rules of Behavior for Nakktertok Athletes for the 2019/2020 ski season and that I agree to self-supervise and strictly adhere to these rules.

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