Nah Lee | 이나윤

PhD Candidate in Marketing (Quant, Empirical)

Fuqua School of Business, Duke University


Phone: (919) 433-7292

Address: 100 Fuqua Drive, Durham, NC 27708

Research Interests: Online reviews, crowd-sourced data, machine learning and NLP

I study the causal effect of online reviews on downstream demand and firm behavior. My focus is on service industries (restaurants/hotels/healthcare), where product offerings are multi-dimensional, so it is very interesting to understand how consumers process information in text reviews and how this information affects firm demand, decisions and competition.

In the first essay in my dissertation, I study text reviews containing information about quality and positioning of experiential products, how they affect consumers' purchase decisions and firm demand in a different, yet inter-related way, and managerial importance of understanding the differential effects of the two sets of information in reviews.

In the second essay, I study hospital reviews (in a way that reviews have made the healthcare service 'less of a credence type' of product), how clinical and experiential information in reviews influence hospitals' response behavior, and policy implication in designing interventions to help providers improve clinical quality of care.

As an empirical researcher, I mainly use econometrics, causal modeling and NLP/machine learning, but I also use analytical modeling (to link theory-driven research questions to data) and lab experiments (to reinforce research findings).

I will be joining SKK (sungkyunkwan) Graduate School of Business as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Marketing, starting Fall 2022.