This page will give you insight in my areas of expertise. Combined I can describe my services as: Experience design.

I use my skills to: connect, organize, adjust and structure business, communication and informations processes to their users desires. Bring people together in real life and/or online!

Via my portfolio I'll show you where I've developed and used my expertise.

Let me know if you need me! N.

Experience design

  • Business information management (BiSL)
  • Events & Meetings
  • LEAN green belt
  • Live communication (online & offline)
  • Excursions & tours in Morocco

Business information Management


I’m an experienced BiSL manager (+5 yrs), and strongly believe BiSL is also a form of experience design. BiSL is an abbreviation of Business Information Services Library. BiSL aims to professionalize the demand function. Not only within an organization, but also as a unifying factor between different organizations. The standardized approach of BiSL contributes to the professionalization of the demand organization and facilitates a more efficient and cost effective way of working. One of the most important benefits of the framework and certainly always my motive, goal and aim, is that via a common language and reference, facilitating a better understanding and communication between the involved parties and thereby improving the user experience.

Business sponsor

  • manage IT budget
  • know and formulate needs now and tomorrow
  • select IT suppliers
  • formulate assignments
  • accept delivery

The conditions

  • knowing the business and the users
  • knowing the working methods of the users
  • communicating (in thinking and speaking) in business terms
  • knowing the IT world sufficiently (possibilities and quality of the solutions)
  • bridging the gap between business and IT

Events & Meetings

In spite of modern communication techniques, personal contact is often the best suitable and fastest way of communicating to, interacting with and getting to know your customers and clients.

My aim when organising events and meetings is to form a coherent, dynamic and exciting event. An event which tells your story, to your target audiences in an memorable way.

I like to go off the beaten track, choose not exactly 'everyday' locations and create interactive proposals for your program. Do you want to meet?

Specially designed

  • Congresses
  • Content related events
  • Corporate day's out
  • Corporate party's
  • Cultural related events
  • Debates
  • Excursions
  • Exhibitions
  • Kick offs
  • Manifestations
  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Workshops

My offer/experience

  • Development of programs, checklists and road maps
  • Participant management
  • (Digital) media and press
  • Monitoring budget and planning
  • Organize and monitor internal and external communication processes
  • Organize host, speakers, entertainment, etc.
  • Organize location, catering, decoration
  • Advise on and organisation of: all printed and online communication and presentation means
  • Compose project team
  • Recording of the event: photo, film, writing
  • Responsible for organisation during event

LEAN Green belt

Today, every organization has the challenge to develop more customer-oriented. To deliver products and services faster, at a higher quality and with less cost. Lean is increasingly used as a response to this challenge. Lean creates a culture of continuous improvement, self-learning ability and a higher appreciation.

What is LEAN? The core idea is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. Simply, lean means creating more value for customers with fewer resources. A lean organization understands customer value and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it. The ultimate goal is to provide perfect value to the customer through a perfect value creation process that has zero waste.

Experience design and LEAN

In my opinion communication with your customer and learning what there needs are is one of the biggest challenges of every business. And therefore my motivation to get to know the customer and create an interactive relation between the business and her customer. I'd like to believe a necessity and goal for every business to increase there customer experience.

Green belt characteristics

  • Conducts important process improvement projects
  • Supports Black Belt Projects
  • Transmits continuously on process improvement
  • Improves project according to the DMAIC structure
  • Masters 'Lean' and 'Six Sigma' principles and tools
  • Can analyze qualitative and quantitative problems
  • Is capable of initiating improvements and actually implement
  • Can guarantee results in the organization
  • Can effectively process thinking, customizable and outside - in
  • Can identify wasteful and causes of variation
  • Can work with the statistical analysis
  • Facilitates workshops and Kaizens
  • Apply change management skills

LEAN Green belt

June 2015 I finished my Green belt training. Since then I'm gaining experience within the support organisation of the university I'm working for at the moment.

Green Belts are technical process experts and change agents who work in their own functional area. My functional areas are:

  • Business information management
  • Event organizations
  • Project organizations

Live communication (online & offline)

Today there are numeral different types of online, offline and social media which can add value to your organisation, support work processes or be a means to marketing and communication goals.

Good communication is the key for good collaboration. Collaboration between client and contractor, guest and host, family members, associative life, employees among each other and with the organisation, the organisation with the market and even more important: their customers.

I use my knowledge and experience of information, communication and marketing management to implement those media to support your business goals and identity. In this process I strive for solutions which fit the culture and processes of your organisation.

To help your communication management I can provide the following services. Let me know what I can do for your processes and projects.

Conversate! Engage!

  • Brand activation: find playful, catchy and memorable possibilities to make your brand or product known within the target groups.
  • Communication strategy: create a communication and/or marketing strategy in line with the mission, goals and identity of the organisation.
  • Content management: create, shoot, arrange, write and edit content for your online media.
  • Corporate design management: implement your corporate design in all internal and external means of communication (online and offline). Such as outgoing e-mails, office documents, social media, printed products, publications, etc.
  • Dialog or Direct marketing: use online and social media to interact directly with your required target groups and people. Arrange online and offline opportunities to come in direct contact with required groups and people. Engage!
  • Functional design and management: functional user design and management of website, intranet, documentation and information systems.
  • Implementation online media manual/code: realisation and implementation of a code or manual for online and social media use. Within and for your organization.
  • Online media scan and plan: scan the (internal + external) organisation to create a concrete plan for the deployment of online and social media to support business processes, objectives and identity. Compatible to corporate communication strategy.
  • Project communication: complement project organisations by managing the communicative objectives.
  • Relational management: organise means and possibilities to manage and maintain your relationships effectively and efficiently.
  • Website creation: create a websites consisting of static pages, complemented by online and social media. If you need more from your website with (for example) more interaction possibilities I can support and manage the realization process.

Excursions & tours in Morocco

I’ve been traveling in Morocco my entire life. During the years I’ve visited beautiful places and accommodations and met a lot of people working in tourism I can call my friends now.

I can advise you on your custom tour to Morocco, with friends, family, partner or for a business trip. You’ll have a trip of a lifetime. See you in Morocco!

Interested? Contact me or visit Morocco Tanger Tours.