URBAN PORTRAITS (2020 - 2021)

‘Urban Portraits' is about city life; it represents the images of city inhabitants of different social groups, ethnicities, and ages. The artwork explores the vulnerability of individuals in the face of forces beyond their control in a constantly shifting urban setting. It also examines the lives of people in an environment conditioned by solitude in a time of imposed isolation.


‘Gunia Project’ is a personal diary that developed as an inherent sequence of the artwork ‘Stripped’. It addresses issues of identity formed under the influences of everyday life and its routine. The project also examines our relationship with objects that are part of our historic or cultural heritage and therefore influence that shape personality in subliminal way.


The artwork ‘Stripped’ sets off an inquiry into ‘archaeology’ of memory as one of the main forces in shaping identity. The process of removing already existing imagery by stripping paint off canvasses and constructing new impressions, disrupts the traditional approach to painting by developing artwork in ‘reverse’.

‘Stripped’ is about the regeneration of personal experiences and shaping them into an art form; it also explores the media in an unorthodox way.

POSTCARDS FROM ... (2013 - 2016)

This project depicts the lives of ordinary Russian people and families that have gone through challenging times prior to and after the turbulent events of 'Perestroika'. The artwork surveys the effects of events through the personal histories of people and their relationships.

With its mosaic of characters the ‘Post Card From…’ presents the viewer with artwork that contains not only critical commentary but also stays compassionate towards the people it depicts.

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