‘The Other Kind of Beatty’ presents a fresh outlook on the theme of women in art. It is not only examining their role in society; it also questions the stereotypes of commercially imposed canons of beauty.

The images of women, based on characters of rural and city life, show the artist's distinctive personal connection to the subject; the connection that developed during the artist’s life in Kenya.

BAGS AND BOXES (2010 - 2013)

This artwork examines the relationship between developing countries and the politico-economic policies of multinational companies globally. ‘Bags & Boxes’ examines the effect of corporate economic strategies and their cause on the lives and environment of people in poorer nations.

In this project, the symbols of consumerist culture of the Western world - bags and boxes, become the background for images of people taken from obituary columns published in African newspapers.

DOCUMENT (2008 - 2010)

In ‘Document’ the artist unfolds the visual history of Russia through people’s personal stories and lives during the time of Stalinist repression.

The images of people in 'Document’ are based on the mug shots of ordinary people who were living during that period. These paintings reveal the condition of people in the last days or hours of their lives. The broad range of ages and nationalities shows the scale of the persecution at the time. This is a study of human tragedy where the artist aims to examine the role of the individual within the context of historic events.

LINEA SUBLIME (2008 - 2010)

The ‘Linia Sublime’ project brings traditional images of landscape painting to the edge of abstraction. In this artwork, the artist modifies the complexities of landscape sceneries by presenting them in an unconventional mode – as an abstracted design of colour bands. A traditional subject is elevated to a state of the sublime by a reduction of elements like horizons, mountains or valleys; nature's dynamic mass and vibrant energy are presented in the form of broad lines and playful interaction of colour.

"WOMAN LOOKING AT ....." (2003 - 2006)

‘Woman Looking at…’ re-examines the notion of the ‘male gaze’ in the traditional representation of the female nude. Painted by a female artist, this genre acquires a new dimension that rejects the passive representation of a model and its objectification. Inspired by the writings of Siri Hustvedt, this artwork positions gender issues in the centre of art and painting issues.

HOT.DOT.AFRICA (2000 - 2005)

The ‘Hot.Dot.Africa’ paintings reveal a disappearance of traditional ways of life and culture of nomadic people which takes place under the pressures of modernisation. The artwork is also a contemplation based on many years of the artist's life in Africa where she observed the effects of economic forces that changed the distinctive identities of local communities. It is Africa’s rugged beauty, its people and colours, that creates the main leitmotif of the artist’s paintings.

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