Nadia Kisseleva was born in Russia and subsequently brought up and educated under the influence of Russian heritage and culture. She started her studies in art at the age of fourteen when she was accepted at Ryazan College of Art. Later, she continued her studies as an independent student at the Leningrad Academy of Art.

From 1980 she worked and exhibited in Kenya. Nadia’s work dramatically changed under the influence of the multicultural heritage of Africa. The work of this period, based on studies of cultural and ethnographic material, had characteristically intense colours, strong contrasts and rich textures. When she moved with her family to the United Kingdom in 1996, her work developed in a different direction; it became more reflective on theoretical aspects of art and, at the same time, engaged with socio-political issues like gender and problems of depravation. After successfully completing studies at the Wimbledon College of Fine Art, Nadia had to re-examine her practice and her approach to painting once again. This led to the emergence of a number of projects like ‘Document, ‘Bags and Boxed’ and ‘Post Card From…’.

In 2016 Nadia completed her Master in Fine Arts at Birmingham City University with distinction and the prestigious first prize for her artwork ‘Stripped’. At the core of this project lies the enquiry into the formation of identity. The artist lives and works in the UK. Her artworks can be found in public and private collections around the world.

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