The survey into Nadia’s art practice traces the lifelong quest of an artist for authenticity and imaginable truth. She developed a distinctive manner of her own in painting; it shows an extraordinary flair and flexibility as an expressive visual language. Her commitment to painting is unshaken, most notably at the time when the painting was seen as a dying visual language.

Her own considerable creative energies and unique imaginative vision contributed to the development of a number of diverse projects. This large and distinct oeuvre, numbering hundreds of artworks in different media, reveals the artist's remarkable curiosity and intelligence.

She creates the intuitive union of the pictorial and conceptual constitutes in her artwork; this approach became a distinguishing trademark of her work. It is not surprising that the images finding their way into her paintings are complex, strikingly expressive with an emotional charge and, at the same time, set within the conceptual scenery.

Her persistent search and explorations find the way into her work, expand the art practice, and shape her personality.

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