Prevention Specialists

Trained prevention specialists work in each of the middle and high schools in Nassau County.

Prevention specialists talk to students one-on-one about drug and alcohol prevention as well as provide education and presentations school-wide!

We know our youth face a lot on a daily basis. So, NACDAC's specialists can discuss more than just drugs and alcohol-- they are available to discuss whatever concerns the students might have.

In order to support the student, prevention specialists can talk about skills that can help them throughout their life-- conflict resolution, coping skills, decision making skills, problem solving skills-- and about relationships both in school and at home-- ability to make friends and the importance of positive relationships with friends and family, self esteem, school engagement-- and help students create positive plans for their future.

Students can be referred to prevention specialists by school staff and administration, parents, or other students and referrals will remain confidential. Please refer a student to your local prevention specialist if you know a student that has: low self-esteem; anger issues; academic failure; inappropriate impulsivity; family members with a history of drug or alcohol use; family conflicts or abuse; students that lack commitment to school or social groups; or, lack of prosocial involvement in the community.

If you know a student who needs to talk to someone, please contact the prevention specialist in your school.

Fernandina Beach High School-- Karyn London,

Fernandina Beach Middle School-- Katie Tricomi,

Yulee High School and Yulee Middle School-- Emma Coombs,

Hilliard Middle Senior High School-- Stephanie Basey,