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Papers Published in Refereed Journals

  • "Bargaining over Treatment Choice under Disagreement ," with R. Gary-Bobo. Forthcoming, AEJ:Micro. Download paper, Slides.

  • “Aggregate Risk and the Pareto Principle,” with L. Pomatto. Journal of Economic Theory, 2020, forthcoming. Download paper.

  • “Recursive Utility and Parameter Uncertainty,” with E. Shmaya. Journal of Economic Theory, 2019, vol. 118, pp. 274-288. Download paper.

  • “An Abstract Law of Large Numbers,” with L. Pomatto. Sankhya, 2019, vol. 80, pp. 1-12. Download paper.

  • “Learning and Long-run Fundamentals in Stationary Environments,” with E. Shmaya. Games and Economic Behavior, 2018, vol. 109, pp. 616-624. Download paper.

  • “Choice under Aggregate Uncertainty,” with L. Pomatto. Theory and Decision, 2016, vol. 80, pp. 187-209. Download paper.

  • “Uncertainty and Disagreement in Equilibrium Models,” with E. Shmaya. Journal of Political Economy, 2015, vol. 123, pp. 778-808. Download paper.

  • “A Bayesian Model of Knightian Uncertainty,” with J. Weinstein. Theory and Decision, 2015, vol. 78, pp. 1-22. Download paper.

  • “A Bayesian Framework for the Precautionary Principle.” Journal of Legal Studies, 2015, vol. 44, pp. 337-365. Download paper.

          • Invited paper for the Conference on “Developing Regulatory Policy in the Context of Deep Uncertainty,” University of Chicago Law School, April 2013.

  • “Claim Validation,” with L. Pomatto and A. Sandroni. American Economic Review, 2014, vol. 104, pp. 3725-36. Download paper.

  • “Merging and Testing of Opinions,” with L. Pomatto and A. Sandroni. Annals of Statistics, 2014, vol. 42, pp. 1003-28. Download paper.

  • “Coarse Decision Making and Overfitting,” with M. Pai. Journal of Economic Theory, 2014, vol. 150, pp. 467-86. Download paper.

  • “Parametric Representation of Preferences,” with L. De Castro. Journal of Economic Theory, 2014, vol. 150, pp. 642-67. Download paper.

          • “Observability and ‘Second-Order Acts’,” with L. De Castro, October 2010. This note, available on my webpage, expands on the argument in Section 5.3 of the published paper that so-called second-order ‘acts’ make no sense. Download paper.

  • “A Difficulty with the Testing of Theories,” with A. Sandroni. Mathematical Social Sciences, 2013, vol. 65, pp. 5-9. Download paper.

  • “Testing Theories with Learnable and Predictive Representations,” with A. Sandroni, R. Smorodinski, and J. Weinstein. Journal of Economic Theory, 2010, vol. 145, pp. 2203-17. Download paper.

  • “Decision Makers as Statisticians: Diversity, Ambiguity and Learning.” Econometrica, 2009, vol. 77, pp. 1371-1401.

  • “The Ambiguity Aversion Literature: A Critical Assessment,” with J. Weinstein. Economics & Philosophy, 2009, vol. 25, pp. 249-84.

            • Lead article in a the special issue on ambiguity aversion, with replies and a rejoinder. • “Rejoinder,” with J. Weinstein. Economics & Philosophy, 2009, vol. 25, pp. 357-69.

  • “Large Games and the Law of Large Numbers.” Games and Economic Behavior, 2008, vol. 64, pp. 1-34.

  • “Market Forces meet Behavioral Biases: Cost Mis-allocation and Irrational Pricing,” with S. Baliga and D. Besanko. RAND Journal of Economics, 2008, vol. 39, pp. 214-237.

  • “Comparative Testing of Experts,” with J. Weinstein. Econometrica, 2008, vol. 76, pp. 541-559.

  • “Finitely Additive Representation of Lp Spaces.” Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 2007, vol. 330, pp. 891-899.

  • “The Efficiency of Competitive Mechanisms under Private Information,” with R. Smorodinsky. Journal of Economic Theory, 2007, vol. 137, pp. 383-403.

  • “Undescribable Events,” with L. Anderlini and L. Felli. Review of Economic Studies, 2006, vol. 73, pp. 849-68.

  • “Aggregation and the Law of Large Numbers in Large Economies.” Games and Economic Behavior, 2004, vol. 47, pp. 1-35.

Papers published before 2004 will be added soon..

Working Papers

  • “This Time is Different,"

Other Publications

  • “Complexity and Undescribability,” with L. Anderlini and L. Felli, in The Impact of Incomplete Contracts on Economics, edited by P. Aghion, M. Dewatripont, P. Legros, and L. Zingales, 2016. London: Oxford University Press, pp. 362-78. Download paper.

  • “Subjective Probability,” with L. De Castro. In Wiley’s Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science, 2011.