Live Video Contest

Live Video Contest

Q: What do you mean by "Credit must be given where due"?

A: You must list each person that help you or your group that's in your video, including yourself and group, if you used a song(s) you must mention the song(s) and artist(s) . Just like they do at the end of movies.

Q: What do you mean by "Postmarked September 1 2018"

A: When you send your package to us you put stamps on it, the post office will stamp them with a postmark and it will have a date on it, that date must be September 1 2018 or before.

Q: If I or my group wins and have already bought our passes what happens then?

A: N2U will reimburse you the cost value of your passes up to the maximum of 6 preregistration weekend passes.

Q: Does N2U provide any help, software or equipment for the Live Video Contest?

A: No N2U does not and will not help you or provide you with any software or equipment to make your video.

However N2U will provide the means to play your entry at the convention.

Q: How many winners will there be?

A: There will be one grand prize winner, one runner up and one judges choice.

Q: Who will be the judges?

A: We will have a staff viewing /Judging first round then we post will post those that pass to be judged on line.