Published on 17 January 2021 - Netgear Extender Setup

  1. First step is to Plug in your extender. you can press power button (if it is not lit already)

  2. Afterwards, you should Connect your pc, mac or mobile device to the extender's WiFi network displayed on the device.

  3. Now, under wifi network names, you will see extenders default SSID which is NETGEAR_EXT. Since its an open network, it does not require any credentials. If there is a check mark on NETGEAR_EXT, then you can proceed with next step

  4. Open a web browser and type in to go to netgear extender setup homepage

  5. Now, A default page shall appear with a button called NEW EXTENDER SETUP. If there are terms and conditions, go ahead and checkmark them.

  6. Then, create an account for your extender.

  7. Enter correct information on this page. In the username type your preferred username and password. you may re-enter your password.

  8. Then, Select and answer two security questions from the given lists.
    These questions
    can be helpful while recovering credentials associated with your extender. Tip (do not forget them)

  9. Click or hit NEXT. Your setup page will ask you to get NETGEAR genie's help, press yes or continue.
    Now, Your extender will look for available local WiFi networks.

  10. Extenders have two bands, 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz, select both if needed.
    If you do not see your networks,
    press See More.

  11. Now press NEXT.

  12. Now, please Enter your existing network's correct password and go to NEXT.

  13. Now a page with SSIDs will appear, by dafault Extenders network name will have 2GEXT AND 5GEXT at the end of your networks name.

  14. If you have mesh extender, your extender may not appear in the wifi list. in order to appear, you must uncheck enable one wifi name.

  15. Press NEXT, now your router and extender will try to connect, this may take a minute.

thats it, all you have to do is follow these instructions as mentioned above in the order. otherwise you can read the whole page to do it again. Then you can shift the extender to the position where you want network coverage.

Note: if you want to look at your extender's IP address, please log in to your router's admin account and look for a list of devices connected to your main router. The IP address of your extender will appear in the list. For more, see your router's user manual provided by the provider.

What is

The local webpage which is used to open genie setup and netgear extender setup settings for accessing the

wifi extender devices is called is the local web address. With the help of this web address, you can do modifications in the password and other settings of the extender.

Note:- Make sure that extender should be configured. Otherwise you can’t access it.

What are the steps for Setup?

  1. First of all, you have to launch a web browser of your site.

  2. Then you have to type (for windows) or mywifiext.local (on mac)in the address bar.

  3. There you will see a login screen.

  4. After that you have to enter your default username and password.

  5. You can use Mywifiext site in two modes;

  • Extender mode

  • Direct mode

Follow below steps to install Mywifiext.local as a Direct Mode:

    1. Firstly you have to plug your mywifiext.

    2. Now connect your cell phone to the extender's network.

    3. After that, choose the new netgear extender setup.

    4. After that fill the appropriate details. all mentioned credentials.

    5. You will see the genie setup page now.

    6. There you have to select from the available options, the type of network that you want. In available options, you will see home networks, public and private networks. Then you have to fill in the appropriate details. Setup Wizard

This is also known as the manual method for opening up the new NETGEAR Wifi range extender. setup wizard gives commands to the extender for doing the requisite tasks. The main role of setup wizard is :-

    1. Setting up a new extender.

    2. Modify the settings of extender.

    3. When the setup wizard opens, a pop-up window will appear which asks for login password.

    4. Note:- when you are setting a new extender, make use of default username and password. After filling in the details, wizard will be displayed on the screen.

Change username and Password on

Before changing password, you have to check out your device so whether connected to the extender network or not. After that you have to follow the steps mentioned below.

    1. First of all, open the web browser of your choice like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome , Safari etc.

    2. After that you have to visit the website of mywifiext.

    3. Note:- For window device you should visit, on another hand if you are deploying a Mac OS/ Apple Device you should visit mywifiext.local

    4. Then you have to do login using the default username and password.

    5. (The default username and password is username and password respectively).

  • Then you have to click the login option.

  • After that you need to log in to the Netgear genie smart setup wizard.

  • There you will see an option of the admin panel.

  • Then you have to click on the maintenance option.

  • After that you have to find an option for changing password(Setting new password)

  • Then you will see a dialog box, where you have to enter an old password.

  • There you have to set a new SSID and password.

  • Finally you have to click on the apply button for saving the settings.

  • Now your password is changed.


This is the most common problem that usually happens when you are using windows. If you are undergoing similar issues, then don’t worry we are here to assist you in your work. There are some requisite things that you need to take care of.

Firstly, you have to check out the red light on the range extender. When the red light is glowing, it indicates that the address for accessing the system is blocked.

Following are the reasons due to which red light glows

    1. If there is not internet connectivity.

    2. If the location of the extender is not proper

    3. Due to channel congestion issue.

    4. Absence of MAC Address

    5. If the firmware version is obsolete.

Most probably the issue, "Can't connect to webpage" happens due to poor internet connection between extender and router.

For getting rid of this issue you have to click simply on the router. Then you have to restart the router as well as extender. If the issue is not sorted then you can check out the web address.

Password resetting can also help you in solving this issue. Sometimes clearing cache and cookies of the web browser can also help. Then you are all set to do the login. not working

Netgear provides local web address. With the help of this address, you can perform extender configuration, modify the technical settings of extender, New Netgear Wifi range extender setup.

Note:- can’t be accessed, when Netgear range extender is turned off. Keep in mind, the extender should be turn on. Extender should be powered on for avoiding power supply interruption.

  • You can check out the extender LED lights for knowing whether it is turned on or off.

  • Also you have to take care of the fact that your extender should keep with respect to the router.

  • Your device router should be kept in the central location. Also you can keep the extender in the room where the router is kept.

  • The devices like bluetooth, cordless phones should be kept away from the devices.

Technical Issues Netgear Extender Setup

During the setup of netgear extenders, there are some technical faults that arise. Following are some of the issues and their troubleshooting

MYWIFIEXT NOT WORKING: For this you have to keep devices closer to each other and then try performing setup again.

Netgear Genie version not compatible: When Genie interface gets launched from the Windows OS, then this problem happens. For this you can download the genie version on your system.

WPS not working: This happens when you have been disabled during the setup. To resume its working you have to turn it on. After that you have to visit the setup page. Then you have to click on the “WPS” link.

Troubleshoot Steps for

  1. Firstly, you have to keep your range extender to the same area as your wireless router.When the setup is completed, then you have to create a working connection to the router(Wireless router) which allows you to move the WiFi extender to its intended location.

  2. Make sure that your wireless range extender is plugged into the power source.

  3. Then check out that your device should be lit, if your NETGEAR wireless range extender has a PC to Extender LED or a Device to Extender LED. In case if your device is not lit, then you have to unplug the ethernet cable ends. After that, you have to plug it again.

  4. Now you need to add the IP address of your extender default IP address:- You have to reset the browser, if you are unable to access the extender.

  5. Then connect your PC to the extender via a different ethernet cable.The assign your computer with a static IP address.

  6. Note:-Before making any alterations in the network settings; you have to note your current Router and Default Gateway address. Use the IP address and the subnet mask

  7. If extender is still not accessed by you, then contact NETGEAR Support for seeking help.


Imagine you have just got the Netgear wifi extender and then you want to set it up via and this webpage does not show up, that's going to cause issues right? since it's not a regular website to read stuff, you can get an error message or it will not connect to the given site which is this web URL is basically used to modify or create new settings on the Netgear range extenders local IP address which is, you can also use this URL to visit the Netgear genie setup wizard to form new passwords or mywifiext login. In order to get to all of the settings, you should connect your newly purchased Netgear range extender to the computer directly and tether them with the help of an ethernet wire. And simply type in in the web address bar to access it on windows or mac. this whole process will be explained below to get the connection set up in a timely manner

Once your pc is hooked up via an ethernet cable, you can type in in the bar on your browser. you will be presented with a screen that says new extender setup on it.

let's say if there is no direct connection with the Netgear extender setup on the pc, you will see this on website screen which states that you are not connected with your extenders wifi network and will ask you to check your current connection and proceed later on when it is connected to the extender's network.

on every browser you will see various error messages regarding extenders wifi network is not connected with your pc or its not connected with extenders wifi network.


  • Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. is Microsoft's default browser where you will see “Page cannot be displayed” or “You are not connected to a network.”.

  • Google Chrome. if you have a google browser which is chrome you will witness“Unable to connect to the Internet or Google Chrome can’t display the webpage because your computer isn’t connected to the Internet.”

  • Firefox. “Server not found. this Firefox browser shows can’t find the server at

  • Safari. this is a classic mac error whenever it can't find a site it says “Can't find the server.”

let's say you have correctly typed in in your prefered browser, you will see those error stated above if you do not see these messages on the screen and you see google results instead. then it is the time to stop right there and check your web address bar again to see if it is valid. the server may not find it if it is not typed incorrectly. in case still, you see some other site or link that means you are not on Netgear extender login page. then those are third party sites which are not Netgear extender setup URLs. those can be third party sites. it's better to stick with the official site if possible. simply type in the web address bar and hit enter to proceed.

MYWIFIEXT.NET connection troubleshooting steps.

  1. first, Have your range extender in the same place where your wireless router is located, preferably the same room.

  2. Let's suppose you are done with the Netgear wifi extender setup connection. and your internet is working fine. simply unplug it from that outlet to the intended place.

  3. the power lights tell you that if NETGEAR wireless range extender is connected to an electrical outlet. the power light which is lit is getting the power.

  4. make sure the extenders led lights are lit.

  5. incase it is not lit, simply unplug your Ethernet cable which is hooked up to your range extender to your pc or device and plug it in again.

  6. In your preferred web browser type in, or go to enter the extender's default IP address: and open the smart wizard and visit the extender setup page still can't access or your extenders admin page. go ahead reset the browser or go incognito mode

  7. For more information, read about how to remove history, cache, and cookies

  8. you can visit any other browser to make sure it has nothing to do with the browser

  9. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are good browsers and are available for all operating systems in the market

  10. create a Connection with your computer to the extender using an Ethernet cable to create Netgear extender setup

  11. if you are technically sound you should Assign your computer a static IP address.

  12. you must change network settings to the following, note your current router (Windows) or Router (Mac) address. please use the IP address and the subnet mask or visit mywifiext local and enter username and password

  13. go the other information pages on to learn about static IP addresses

  14. visit pages related to How to set up the static IP address in Windows

  15. start Configuring TCP/IP and Proxy Settings on Mac OS, if possible

  16. If you still are not accessing your extender, call or contact NETGEAR Support to speak to a tech.

For more information about setting up and troubleshooting NETGEAR range extenders, see the following knowledge base articles:

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  • search Troubleshooting NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender via

What is Netgear Extender?

NETGEAR Wireless extenders are used to extend the coverage of the wireless router at that area where you want full signals. This is mainly deployed in that area where there are dead ends or dead spots.

How helps netgear extender to work?

The basic role of Netgear extender is to extend the current network coverage area. This range extender receives the wireless signals. Then it makes the usage of powerful antennas as well as amplifiers as it extends the coverage of Wifi. It assists in doubling the wireless network range. all you have to do is simply visit and be ready for the setup


Use an ethernet cable to connect to NETGEAR EXTENDER.

  1. First, plug in the ethernet on the pc and other end on the extender

  2. VISIT a web browser on your PC OR MAC

  3. Now, Type into your web browser’s address bar.

  4. Press enter on the keyboard to proceed

  5. Enter the username and password that you selected during netgear wifi extender setup.

  6. Hit LOGIN now.

  7. go to Setup and click on Wireless Settings.

  8. afterwards, Under Security Options, enter Password (Network Key)

  9. Click Apply.

  10. finally, Reconnect your WiFi devices to the extender.

Use an wifi to connect to NETGEAR EXTENDER.

  1. First, Factory reset your extender, get a paper clip and push and hold it in inside the factory reset hole.

  2. Go to settings and select NETGEAR_EXT to connect to the extenders network.

  3. open a web browser on your connected device.

  4. Type in into your web browser’s address bar.

  5. follow the instructions mentioned in the first paragraph of this page.

  6. Click LOG IN. and follow the steps carefully.

Hope it is connected now.