Student Internships

Many U.S employers, expressed youth preparation for the global economy workforce is vastly needed. Many have experienced an increasing number of incoming high school graduates being hired are not adequately prepared for entry-level jobs.1

• 66% of dropouts say they would have worked harder if more had been demanded of them. We not only challenge our students but provide students with confidence to excel in college and or in the work force.2

• 81% high school drop outs stated that opportunities for real-world learning (internships, service learning, etc.) to make classroom more relevant and would have improved their chances of finishing school.3

We believe job internships provide a win-win situation for all involved! Each participant gains unique benefits from internships:

For Students:

• Gives a view into all aspects involved in a job. Students can observe not only job characteristics and responsibilities, but also what each profession requires on a day-to-day basis.

• Let’s students learn first-hand from working professionals.

For Educators:

• Helps motivate students to learn by demonstrating the tangible applications of classroom lessons.

• Helps craft lesson plans around students’ career interests.

For Employers:

• Prepare students for the future workforce by creating a talent pool of productive workers.

• Demonstrate a tangible commitment in supporting social concerns in the local communities.

• Creates a feeling of personal satisfaction that comes from mentoring a young person.

As a host organization, you will have access to work-ready, motivated young adults, ages 15 – 20, who are seeking exciting internship opportunities

To become a host company or industry partner contact Get Back In The Game, to see how you can help create successful leaders in business and life!

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