TomTom Update - Steps to update TomTom device via MyDrive Connect

The world-famous Dutch manufacturer and developer TomTom is known for its hi-tech consumer electronics and location technology. The company primarily deals in three types of product categories- Maps, navigation software, and connected services. TomTom has changed the way people drive with the help of its highly-advanced GPS technology products. The navigation devices provided by TomTom use a GPS receiver to show the precise location as well as to provide visual and spoken direction suggestions to the drivers on how to drive to specific destinations.

In addition to this, many devices offered by TomTom also integrate with mobile devices via Bluetooth. They also come with traffic congestion maps. It also allows you to receive calls and read messages aloud. Moreover, it also focuses on providing its users with the updated software version that makes it necessary for every TomTom user to update their devices from time to time. Therefore, in this write-up, we're going to explain the steps to run a TomTom Update. Thus, if you also want to update your device, make sure you follow the procedure mentioned here.

Steps to Update TomTom navigation Devices via MyDrive Connect

All the users who want to update their navigation devices must follow the steps we have given below. All the guidelines provided on the TomTom update are easy to follow. Therefore, you will be able to update the device in a straightforward manner with the help of the steps given below:-

  • Firstly, make sure that you connected your TomTom device with your PC/Laptop with a USB cable.

  • Now, connect your navigation device to the power outlet.

  • All the users must keep in mind that the computer device they are using have the MyDrive Connect application installed in it.

  • If the MyDrive Connect application is not installed on the computer already, you must download or install it before initiating the TomTom update.

  • The MyDrive Connect application will start automatically once the TomTom device is connected with the computer device.

  • Note: if your computer does not have the MyDrive Connect application installed in it, you can download it by the further steps.

  • In order to download the application, open any reliable web browser and enter “ABDSKSFJUDOS in its address bar.

  • Now, you'll be forwarded to the official page of TomTom.

  • On the official page of the TomTom MyDrive Connect application, locate and click on the “Get Started” button.

  • Once you click on the button, the application will start getting downloaded on the system.

  • After this, when the application is downloaded completely, you have to open the application and sign in to it using your email ID and password.

  • In the next step of the TomTom update, you will be required to navigate to the application and tap on the “Update” option that is given under the “My updates and New Items” section.

  • After this, the application will search if there are any updates available for your device.

  • Now, the MyDrive Connect application will download and install the latest version of the software updates available for your TomTom navigation device.

  • Note: all the users are suggested to wait until the download and installation is going on. Once the installation gets completed, the window will close itself.

  • Now, you have successfully performed and completed the TomTom update on your navigation device.

These were the steps through which all the users can update their TomTom navigation device with ease.

Troubleshooting common TomTom Update issues:

Many users face common issues during the TomTom update process. Therefore, here we're going to discuss some of the issues and mention how you can troubleshoot them to ensure a smooth TomTom update procedure:-

  1. Device not connecting to your computer

If your TomTom navigation device is not recognized by your computer device or if it shows the status as “Not Connected” in the MyDrive Connect application, then you should follow the below tips:-

  • Firstly, you should ensure that the USB cable is connected to your navigation device and computer and it is not broken.

  • Also, before using the USB cable, make sure that you have removed your device from its mount before initiating the TomTom Update process.

  • Moreover, you should not connect the USB cable to a USB hub or port on a keyboard or monitor.

  • TomTom navigation device comes with a TomTom USB cable. Hence, you should use the USB cable that came with your navigation device because any third-party USB cable may not work properly.

  1. Note Eenough free space

We advise you to have at least 8GB of free space on your computer device. Moreover, during the TomTom update procedure, the MyDrive Connect application will notify you if the storage space is insufficient. It depends on the device that you are using. Hence, if the application shows insufficient storage space, you should free up some space in your device.

Hence, with the help of the steps and procedure for the TomTom update, we mentioned in this write-up, you can update the device with no issues. Moreover, we also added some of the common problems that you may face during the TomTom update process and how you can resolve or avoid them.