My School Library Rocks because...

  1. Because our books are good and because of our very nice teacher in the library. Thea Y. Grade 4 Agnes Macphail Public School
  2. I think it rocks because it has good books. Aaralyn I. Grade 5 Agnes Macphail Public School
  3. It is fun. Sammy S. Grade 3 Wilshire Elementary School
  4. We have the best teacher. Plus who doesn't love lots of books?! Moriah M. Grade 3 Wilshire Elementary school
  5. It is fun. Daniel D. Grade 3 Wilshire Elementary School
  6. It's a kind place. AJ G. Grade 3 Wilshire Elementary School
  7. Our school library rocks because we have so many books and we have computers and 2 skinny pigs and we can play Wii games. Our school library rocks! Joanna L. Grade 4 Agnes Macphail Public School
  8. Our school library rocks because we have Wii and have 2 skinny pigs. We also have computers also we have laptops. Our school library rocks! Toby T. Grade 5 Agnes Macphail Public School
  9. My school library rocks because there are skinny pigs. Eric Y. Grade 4 Agnes Macphail Public School
  10. I really like the 2 little skinny pigs and all the books there so cool ;) Eric T. Grade 5 Agnes Macphail Public School
  11. Because the piggies are so funny and the books are AWESOME!!! Mohsin B. Grade 4 Agnes Macphail Public School
  12. My school library rocks because there are cute guinea pigs and great books. Raymond C. Grade 4 Agnes Macphail Public School
  13. The books and the learning. Cole H. Grade 5 Wilshire Elementary School
  14. The technology and the librarian and also the books. Ivan V. Grade 5 Wilshire Elementary School
  15. The amount of privileges that we have. Our library rocks! 😃📚 Dahlia R. Grade 5 Wilshire Elementary School
  16. We have an AWESOME makerspace and are librarian rocks and is so nice!❤️ Summer C. Grade 5 Wilshire Elementary School
  17. Because we have Harry Potter the Philosophers Stone. Jepe O. Grade 5 Wilshire Elementary School
  18. Because of are our librarian. Josh O. Grade 5 Wilshire Elementary School
  19. Our library is FILLED with books.👩🏼‍💼We have the best librarian! Samuel S. Grade 5 Wilshire Elementary School
  20. Because it is so much fun. Shayla V. Grade 5 Wilshire Elementary School
  21. Because we have awesome books and we don't ban books. Jeff T. Kindergarten Wilshire Elementary School
  22. Our librarian is awesome! She always helps us to find the right books to read or shows us new series that she loves so we can see them and love them too. Any help we could need with anything she's ready to help us. And she runs an awesome book club every month where we can talk about all the books we've been reading and hang out with other people who like books as much as us. It's a great environment to be in and it's always nice to just hang out whatever you're doing in the library. Julia S. Grade 11 Eden High School
  23. Our teacher librarian is an amazing educator, who brings to our library all of her passions in teaching. This includes special visitors (often from indigenous cultures), technology (e.g., teaching kids about robotics and coding), school-wide art projects, outdoor education, and more! She works with our students from K-6, involving them in community reading projects, volunteer positions to help in the library, and special projects (e.g., Holiday crafts). Ms. Hornett ROCKS and so does her library! Ms. D. Kindergarten Ottawa Crescent Public School Library
  24. Because it's big and open and awesome. There is a bunch of computers and laptops and mangas and comics. The librarian rocks and is awesome. Also she provides awesome snacks. :D There is a garden, and half the wall is windows so there is a lot of sunlight! XD Also security beeps for unchecked out books. That's why I think our library rocks. Jimmy X. Grade 9 Monarch Park Collegiate Instutite
  25. My Library rocks because our librarian involves us in the purchasing of books for the library, she allows us to eat and hang out in the library, our book selection is always current and changing, and our librarian is kind and helpful when it comes to computer issues or book recommendations. Kendra K. Grade 12 Eden High School Library
  26. It fits every single need that you might have for books such as school-based or just books for pleasure. Andrew R. Grade 10 Eden High School
  27. There's so much to learn from not only books but people; they make you feel at home. We have book club on Fridays where we talk about books, and get lunch. Best of all is going out shopping for books and going on trips to visit authors. Maryam M. Grade 12 Eden High
  28. My school library rocks because of the learning happens there. My school library is an amazing place with all study needs. Javariya A.Grade 11 Applewood Heights Secondary School
  29. It's warm and friendly and the librarian always knows what I should read next and she's right. I love coming here with my friends. It's friendly. Alexandra S. Grade 9 Eden High School Library
  30. It is very cool and nice. Mehak M. Grade 9 Monarch Park Collegiate Library
  31. Wonderful relax space. Van T. Grade 12 Applewood Heights Secondary School
  32. At Monarch Park, our library is an amazing and unique place. The layout and atmosphere of the library are truly amazing, and very comfortable for students to come in to study or just read a book. Our library also accommodates for our wheelchair students, ensuring that they have access to everything in our library. Our librarian, Ms.Green, is also an amazing person and does a great job in helping students and making the environment of the library very comfortable for everybody. Monarch Park has one of the most amazing libraries in all of the TDSB schools and will continue too be the best library ever! Maria M. Grade 11 Monarch Park Collegiate Institute Library
  33. Because of the great books and staff (and student volunteers ;) ) Cynthia K. Grade 12 Monarch Park CI
  34. My school library rocks because it is run by an amazing and hardworking librarian, Ms. Green! Khush A. Grade 11 Monarch Park CI Library
  35. At Applewood Heights, our Library is a welcoming place to all grades. Applewoods Library is full of computers and books to help every student study and research so they'll always be prepared for class. But, the highlight of our Library is our endeavouring librarians Ms.H, Ms.R and Ms.N who are constantly working ever so hard to make the Library the best it can be. They put 100% into every activity and program Applewoods Library has to offer. We appreciate them a lot! Emahnee C. Grade 10 Applewood Heights
  36. The teachers are very kind. The school library has a great selection that I enjoy to read. Rachel T. Grade 10 Applewood Heights Secondary School
  37. Because we can connect to books and get to learn new things each time. Naomi M. Grade 4 Wilshire Elementary School
  38. It rocks because we have a ton of books for kids of all ages. Veronika G. Grade 4 Wilshire Elementary School
  39. My library school rocks because it has all the books and none get banned. Tanisi M. Grade 4 Wilshire Elementary School
  40. Because it has a makerspace. Camaya V. Grade 4 Wilshire Elementary School
  41. Our school library rocks because it has easy to find books. Anton B. Grade 4 Wilshire Elementary School
  42. We have a variety of fun things to keep you occupied and many options! Eden R. Grade 8 Wilshire Elementary School
  43. My library rocks because we have many cool things such has white board tables and a great tv! We also have the best librarian ever, and she makes the library even better then it already is. The library is a nice place to learn! Jayden B. Grade 8 Wilshire Elementary School
  44. I think it’s really cool and there are a lot of fun educational things to do and it makes me wanna learn more. Natalie B. Grade 8 Wilshire Elementary School
  45. My school library rocks because it is organized. For example,if you don't bring a book by its due date then they charge a fine, and also its one of the most cleanest libraries I've ever seen .I'm very honored to have a school library like the one in my school. Saiesan P. Grade 9 Applewood Heights
  46. There is always something great going on in our library like storytime, makerspace, robotics/coding. The students are amazing readers that love to share what they have read. Carol L. Grade 3 St. Boniface
  47. It has the latest and greatest books, provides a place to connect for like-minded friends and is a source of inspiration and creativity. Nothing like a big library to get my children excited about school. Angie D. Grade 7 John G. Althouse Middle School
  48. It's only been my third week at this school, but, I really am enjoying the LLC. It is a great environment to work and study in. I found the librarians here very kind and helpful. This is why I think the LLC rocks! Nishanth P. Grade 9 Applewood Heights Secondary School
  49. We have an annual Battle of the Books between all the neighboring middle schools, organized by the teacher librarians. Leslie W. Teacher Cedar Hill Middle School
  50. It is so inviting! Cheryl H. Grade 1 Prueter PS
  51. My school library rocks because it has an environment that is peaceful but also chaotic, it is a safe place for me to go to complete work or to get ahead on projects and assignments, if and whenever I have a problem, my school library is there with group desks for collaboration, or the individual study desks for responsibility and initiative. I love my school library and hope that I can always count on it. Mia V. Grade 9 Applewood Heights SS
  52. We have large fishes hanging from the roof. Aleem M. Grade 12 Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School
  53. There are too many reasons to include but here are some of them: -Enthusiasm librarians! -Grand shelves of books and manga/graphic novels! -Monthly new books and free books if they are discarded.-Cute display! -A volunteering program for students in school. A. Pham, Grade 10 Applewood Heights Library Learning Commons
  54. You can always find what you're looking for and the librarians are always so helpful. The library makes for the best place to go during lunch with friends. Hossam I. Grade 12 Gordon Graydon MSS
  55. My school Library Learning Common’s (LLC) rocks for an abundance of reasons. The LLC comprises of student art that radiate expression. This allows for growth, and critical thinking when you are working. Certain things up on the walls make you think, and from experience, I think that it fuels one’s learning. Art inspires and unlocks creative potential helping to generate innovative ideas. It creates an atmosphere that all are drawn to. The art is also essential in the LLC during exams as the contemplative aspects of art aid in lowering stress levels in a recognizable high-stress setting. It is of the only places in the school that embodies student leadership through art and encourages the making of art. It graciously takes in art of all forms and integrates them into wall shelving. As a continuation into LLC art, there are displays that speak of social issues, and provide something for all. For example, during the month of May, a display was set up for Day of Pink to promote equality. Following that, STEAM was showcased into different aspects including a hand built robot named “Simico” that challenged problem solving and creativity to make use of minimal materials. The display also included books that focused on empowering girls back into the STEAM production as statistics have shown, there has been a declining female representation in that industry. As the LLC opened up its doors to students at the start of this year, it focused on key terms of modern 21st century learners. It creatively displays classroom aspects into art that keeps students connected with their education. However, none of that would be possible without the endless hours of work our dedicated Teacher Librarians, and Library Technician put into supporting students through their four years of high school. As students, we heavily rely on having the library open early in the morning to print assignments, and notes for class, and as a result, have not been disappointed. The same effort is put in after school where students rely on the green screen to film assignments, and get technological, as well as creative touches on a variety of software’s from a teacher librarian who kindly supervises the students. Everything in between cannot be missed from sacrificed lunches, to the genuine care, and interest every Teacher Librarians, and Library Technician show towards each and every student at Applewood Heights. Isra A. Grade 11 Applewood Heights SS
  56. My school library rocks because it has the books I like to read. My librarian always listens to our recommendations and cares about what we like to read. She makes our library the best! Sobia M. Grade 12 Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School
  57. I buy students and staff books they want. I let kids sign out more books than the 'system' allows and they can come back daily. When events aren't too big, staff hold them in our library. It is our library. Greg H Teacher Ardagh Bluffs PS
  58. We get new books every day. Liam T. Grade 5 Agnes Macphail P.S
  59. We have a book fair. Rishabh K. Grade 4 Agnes Macphail P.S
  60. Everyone mostly get there favorite authors books. Daniel Z. Grade 5 Agnes Macphail Public School
  61. Because we get a lot of new books every year and the library gives out free books. Leo D. Grade 5 Agnes Macphail Public School
  62. Because she brings students to buy new books so we can read what we like. Ryan X. Grade 5 Agnes Macphail Public School
  63. The library teacher is nice and it has interesting books for all ages. Wen Xin G. Grade 5 Agnes Macphail Public School
  64. Our library is huge and filled with great books! It's a relaxing and calming places for peers to come together and just relax. Our library makes peers feel as if they are no longer at school but somewhere that is much more relaxing. Tony C. Grade 12 Monarch Park Collegiate
  65. Open, friendly, welcoming! Fatima S. Grade 12 Cardinal Carter Catholic High School
  66. It's basically my escape from reality. You can read, dream and nobody minds. Karyssa G. Grade 4 St. Peter and Paul CS
  67. We focus on reading in a quiet space and we connect to experiences in books. Mia B. Grade 5 Sts. Peter and Paul CS
  68. It’s quiet and organized. Grace H. Grade 12 Carter
  69. Because it just does! Eina K. Grade 12 Cardinal Carter
  70. Because it has over 100 books and it has the best technology! Moriah M. Grade 3 Wilshire Elementary School
  71. We have mobile whiteboards that the students use to collaborate in study groups, relax by solving sudoku puzzles, and doodle on to reduce stress! Mrs. M-S Teacher Glenview Park SS
  72. Christy Mowery, the Teacher-Librarian, is the perfect blend of traditional library and digital age media. While the book collection is certainly one of my favorite spaces in the media center, our students tend to return because it is a space designed by them for them. Mrs. Mowery embraces the vision of student-centered learning and this is evident in her charismatic personality and inviting space for both students and faculty. In one area of the media center, you will find a cafe built by our students where lunch block fills up quickly for students who want to eat, catch up with friends, or finish up school work. In other areas of the media center, you'll find several Makerspace stations that our students and teachers love. These spaces prompt our students to create and inspire teachers to move beyond traditional assessment. Thankfully, you'll still find teachers and students in and out throughout the bustle of the day trying to quickly grab books by their favorite authors or the next in their favorite manga series. It's not just the books, the learning environment, or the TL; it's how these components work together like a well-oiled machine. Although, I suppose this magic would be lacking if it weren't for the wonderful TL who keeps the doors open well beyond the hours of the school day. Renee L. Teacher Lenoir City High School
  73. We have the two most engaging and inspiring teacher librarians in the world. They are wonderful with children but also have a love of reading and researching. Each day they encourage students to become involved in their school library and love the technology that is in 21st Century research. We have a beautiful and inviting space that is full of fiction and non-fiction books that are displayed in a 'kid-friendly' fashion. Our library is always open for both students and teachers and it is a place where you want to spend time. It is a learning lounge for future Canadian minds. Kelly S. Grade 5 Forest Trail Public School
  74. Our librarians are always there to help and want you to succeed! Its an amazing environment to relax while getting work done which is something me and my peers find very helpful when all the stress of school is piling up! Eve K. Grade 12 Brantford Collegiate Institute
  75. I find all kinds of great books and the librarian always helps me find a good book that I would like. There are lots of days she isn't there and I hate it when I cannot go to the library to get another book. She also publishes our books and codes them into the library so that others can borrow it, too. There are lots of them and I really like reading my friend's books. Kaleigh R. Grade 6 Parry Sound Public School
  76. My school library rocks because we have a maker space and we have different stations.Like a knitting station,Arts and crafts station,and a construction station.We have lots of library helpers and we clean all the books TISYA M. Grade 6 Black Walnut Public School
  77. The school library rocks because it's fun. Mujahid A. Grade 7 Centennial central
  78. Our school library rocks because we have our very own makerspace and our school librarian is awesome! We even have space to relax calm down. Raswin I. Grade 5 Black Walnut Public School
  79. We get to use iPads and Chrome books and get to sit on soft chairs. Brody D. Grade 7 C.C.P.S
  80. Our library is cool because it has informative life help books. Also it allows us to use computers, laptops, and iPads to help with work and help us with our life. Our teachers are also nice and friendly. The books are also in areas so when I want to look for one kind of book it is easy to find that book. It is big so it can hold many more books than other libraries. It has a big window so it has much natural light so we can save energy to help save the world. Simon L. Grade 7 Centennial Central
  81. Because there are so many books to read. Arthi U. Grade 3 Black Walnut Pubilc School
  82. My school library rocks because there's such a big variety of books. Siya P Grade 6 Black walnut Public School
  83. It has a lot of books. Carson m Grade 6 Black Walnut P.S.
  84. It has a big selection of books, and a lot of series. Qadeer K. Grade 6 Black Walnut P.S
  85. Because there is lots of books. Allison W. Grade 5 Black Walnut P.S.
  86. Because we have cool activities to do and programs like Battle of the Books. Senul A. Grade 5 BWPS Library
  87. The library rocks because the programs are awesome. Ethan H Grade 5 Black Walnut P.S.
  88. This library rocks because it has plenty of good books to read. Aster H. Grade 5 Black Walnut P.S.
  89. The teachers are nice, there are a lot of interesting books, and it's actually cozy when cold, and has AC when it is burning hot outside. Mitali B. Grade 11 Applewood Heights Secondary School LLC
  90. It is fun when we need it to be fun and it is peaceful when we need it to be peaceful. Also, the librarians are very hospitable and help us when we have trouble in the library. Van T. Grade 12 Applewood Heights Secondary School
  91. My school library rocks because of the variety of reading content that suits both research and enjoyment purposes. Also, the use of readily available technology that is to serve students is another reason why. Finally, the amount of opportunities to excel and become a leader which is located at my library is just amazing. That is why I firmly believe that my school library rocks! H. S. Grade 11 Appelwood Heights Secondary School- Library Learning Commons
  92. Helpful librarians, nice, clean workplace, organization and students get the chance to be creative and decorate the shelves according to a theme. Thyra B. Grade 11 AHSS
  93. I love to read. Erik Jamison Grade 2 Centennial Central
  94. It has lots of great books and it has a great librarian. Sarah P. Grade 3 Garrison Road Public School
  95. Because there is so many books that I love to read, and you get to spend time with everyone reading! I love my school library!! Malia S. Grade 3 Garrison Road Public School
  96. One of the reasons why my library rocks is because it has lots of amazing, interesting books that everybody can read. Our library has books on almost every topic and you don’t need to struggle looking for them with a chance of not finding the book . You can ask our very nice and intelligent teacher librarian to check if the book you're looking for is in the library or not . You can also do your homework in the library and there are computers that you can use for your research . We also have printers that you can use to print your work when you’re done. Pardy A. Grade 9 Senator O'Connor S.S.
  97. One of the reasons why my library rocks is because it has a large amount of amazing books, it has enough room for people to come and do their homework, it has many computers. I almost FORGOT our library is very clean and always organized the students and teachers really take care of the neatness and make sure everything is in place. I also love our library because it’s quiet and that’s really important because people need to focus on their work. Carla M Grade 9 Senator O'Connor
  98. One of the many reasons why my library rock is because of the wide variety of books it has to offer. Not only does the library have the book for class novel readings but it has a whole section for fiction with thousands of books . If you're interested in History, Art, Geography, or even anime then you're in luck ! We have a whole section with hundreds of books on each topic. We also have a separate place in the library reserved for quiet reading only! Harout K. Grade 9 Senator O'Connor
  99. There is always someone there to help in any way and they have really good resources for research and projects in various subjects. I like the sense of community in the library. Emily R. Grade 12 BCI Library
  100. We get to learn about citation methods, and have access to a package about citation instructions. Meryem A. Grade 12 Brantford C.I. & V.S.
  101. The fun events that happen throughout the year, like the "Unbirthday day" with cake. Claire M. Grade 12 BCI
  102. There are a lot of fun activities like puzzles, lego building, and trivia. Alex B. Grade 12 BCI
  103. Access to the computers. Carter S. Grade 12 BCI
  104. We get cake once a year for unbirthday and Ms. McGregor always helps me when I need assistance. Devyn N. Grade 12 Brantford Collegiate Institute
  105. Mrs. McGregor is good at providing me with information I need on research. Shae H. Grade 12 Brantford Collegiate Institute
  106. The Lego wall. Noah W. Grade 12 BCI - Library
  107. They put effort into making the school library into a fun and welcoming place. They have different fun events, such as Dress up as your favourite literary character Day, or not your Birthday Day. We have a Lego wall to help with stress and overall enjoyment. They put pride and effort into what they do and it shows. Vincent C. Grade 12 Brantford Collegiate Institute
  108. Different events are always taking place that include everyone . Mohamed A. Grade 12 BCI
  109. My school library rocks because there are very interesting books. Dustin W. Grade 6 Brant Avenue Public School
  110. My library rocks because there is a bunch of different variety of books to choose from and at 2nd break there is a program called maker space and there you can make things out of cardboard and can do coding. Cadence S. Grade 6 Brant Avenue Public School
  111. Because we have a program called makers space and you get to do crafts and play with lego and do thigs with boxes and its really cool and i really injoy that program and that is why my library rocks. Shelby D. Grade 6 Brant Ave P.S
  112. It rocks because of the cool teacher that helps every one there and maker space is a cool thing to do at recess. You can do code on the computers and other cool stuff. Jakob M. Grade 6 Brant
  113. My school library rocks because there is a wide selection of books. Jeeya P. Grade 6 Brant Ave.
  114. My school library rocks because of our librarian she helps me with social studies . Briar G. Grade 6 Brant Ave
  115. Because we always have maker space where we get Maker space we can go on the computers and do coding! Abdullah A. Grade 6 Brant ave Public shcool
  116. The reason why our School library is awesome is because we have an awesome libarary teacher who helps us Pick nice fit books, and she always has Maker space open for us to do Fun activity! and In our Library there is bunch of books and variety to pick out of. Jalele N. Grade 6 Brant ave Public school
  117. My library rocks because of our awesome librarian who helps us out all the time! Iynoor R. Grade 6 Brant ave
  118. Because our librarian is awesome because we do other subject like social studies. Jaime K. Grade 6 Brant Ave P.S.
  119. My school library rocks because they have makerspace you can make crafts and i like that they also have awesome books! Althea B. Grade 6 Brant Ave
  120. My library rock because there are a different variety of books to chose from and at second break there is a program called Makerspace. Omnia E. Grade 6 Brant Avenue Public School
  121. For me it because the students are happy and excited to be in the space I support. Toni Minuchiello Teacher Hickory wood PS
  122. There is a Lego wall. Maya W. Grade 12 Brantford Collegiate Institute & V.S.
  123. Mrs McGregor is the best teacher-librarian ever! She always helps me whenever I need help with something for one of my courses and provides us with the best tools for our success. We have many events that go on in our LLC such as our 'happy unbirthday' every year. Our LLC is the best! Alexis F. Grade 12 Brantford Collegiate Institute
  124. The Lynx Learning Lab rocks because we have amazingly passionate and engaged students, staff, and community members who breathe life into the space!
    1. Admin supported rejuvenation of the space by funding new furniture, flexible secreat, & by supporting a proposal to create a makerspace!
    2. Students collaborated with TL to reimagine the space, and now use it any chance they get to work, plan, build, collaborate, play, create, and yes, READ!
    3. Staff partner with TL in lots of awesome ways to engage students, most recently in some great Hour of Code activities!
    4. Wonderful parent council who funded our first robotics club - lead by a parent volunteer!
    5. (All this and we're not even finished re-doing the space!)
    6. Some numbers:
        1. Multiple recesses have seen 100+ students crammed into the space
        2. avg attendance at morning recess is 80 students
        3. 70 students from grades 6-8 signed up for our Robotics club
        4. 40+ students from grades 3-8 wanted to be library helpers this year(!!)

Elisabeth Kawasaki Teacher Lincoln Alexander Public School

125. My school library rocks because, first we have an amazing librarian who loves to teach and help us learn. Second, we have a huge variety of books to read and learn from! Eva B. Grade 5 Forestview Public School

126. Because if you dont wanna go outside you can always go in the library. There is so much to do here, for example Lego or reading. Lal K. Grade 4 Forest View Public School

127. It always has a great book to sign out. Skyler W. Grade 7 Forest View Public School

128. It is very quiet most of the time and it is very easy to focus in the library. Geta B. Grade 8 Forest View Public School

129. The books and librarian. Nandika K. Grade 8 Forest View Public School

130. My school library rocks, because of the comfy chairs and quiet areas to work on assignments and picking out great books. Haddissa N. Grade 6 Brant Avenue Public School

131. So much fun stuff! Check out this video! Madison M. Grade 12 Appleby College

132. Lovely books Leela R. Teacher Dover Court International School

133. Great reading collection and resources for research. Knowledgeable staff, supportive school administration and a new building which is almost finished! Nicole S. Teacher Chisholm Catholic College