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The Multiple Possibilities of Digital Orthodontics

Digital images of exceptional quality make each dental diagnosis easier. The software allows the orthodontist to view and analyze digital study designs to develop the treatment plan steps. Here are some other things to keep in mind when considering digital dentistry.

The design and manufacture of orthodontic appliances

This technology enables the custom and ultra-precise design and manufacturing of traditional and lingual cases, orthodontic wires, as well as evolving transparent "Invisalign" trays. The orthodontic appliance chosen should provide each patient with a perfect fit. Patients can visualize the 3D model and better understand how their orthodontic treatment will proceed.

From the first visit, it is possible to see a simulation of their entire treatment and to see the expected final result on the spot. This technology also has the advantage of allowing the archiving of digital study models which facilitates the evolutionary monitoring of the treatments as well as the sharing of information. Stored in this way, dental impressions are easily accessible and much less cumbersome than old plaster casts that needed to be stored safely.

Benefits of digital orthodontics

Processing is faster: Because they are custom-made, fewer offsets are needed.

Appointments are less common: Devices require fewer adjustments than traditional methods.

Dental sensitivity is diminished: Fewer adjustments mean less pain!

The result can be simulated: As the whole process is programmed by a computer system, it is possible to visualize the final result even before starting the treatment.

Digital Orthodontics offers considerable benefits such as the quality of dental models obtained and the easy planning of treatment. The high accuracy of the devices manufactured and the ability to visualize with the patient all stages of treatment make this technology essential.

Change for the better

Traditional dental scans can cause anxiety for most children and many will start crying when the process starts or even before. This one task is usually what stirs up emotions in smaller patients – not when the dentist starts drilling and so on. Even in adulthood, digital dentistry can tackle some of the most unpleasant aspects of orthodontic treatment.

Where digital footprints make the biggest difference is in the eyes of the youngest patients. No more massive trays in your mouth and, thus, no more tears. A camera films inside the patient’s mouth and that's it.

No X-rays. No additional materials put in the patient’s mouth. Simplicity, speed, and comfort are second to none. To learn more, contact your local dentist or visit today.