Please read through all decks descriptions carefully before placing your order.

All Orders shall be Non-Refundable Order.

Except in the circumstances noted in this policy, all purchases from our EU Shop page as well as etsy ebay drivethrucards & gamecrafter page are final.

We will not issue refunds because you have changed your mind or decided that

you do not resonate with the deck or find any flaw with cardstock & box quality or print error such as drift within 3mm our printer consider standard accepted.

You are free to sell your copy of Deck you purchased second-hand or used, but we won’t refund or participate in facilitating your second-hand sale.

Shipping Terms and Title Transfer. Term of shipping is FOB destination.

Please note that as soon as we deliver your package to the post office, legal title to the property transfers to you. As soon as you receive notification that your order has been sent out, that is the moment of title transfer. Costs and liability thereafter are borne by the buyer.

Decks Damaged In-Transit. During unloading, make sure that the shipment is undamaged. If it is visible damage or partial loss of the goods upon receipt, write a note with the driver and send it to us within 3 days. If the damage is imperceptible upon reception (internal damage) claim period lasts 2 days (this period may vary by country of delivery). It is important to go to the local post office with the damaged shipment and its packaging. The staff of the post office give you a copy of CN 08 form, which we need from you for the claim. All claims please send so promptly to this e-mail; astrokartes@gmail.com

Manufacturing Defects with the Card. If one or some of the cards in your deck bear manufacturing defects, please take photographs of the defects and write to e-mail address to contact us with a clear, comprehensive description of the issue and the photographs attached. If we determine that it is indeed a manufacturing defect outside printing standards , then we will promptly mail you replacements of the defective cards.

Claims of manufacturing defects must be submitted to us in writing within 30 (thirty) calendar days of the date of delivery.

Minor issues that are reasonably foreseeable and commonplace risks when buying tarot decks & considered accepted printing standards(such as 3mm drift), will not be replaced.

Cards with minor misalignment in the borders or captions will not be replaced,

Significant or total damage to the deck box will be replaced. However, minor or subtle dings, scuff marks, or scratches to the box will not be replaced.

Decks Tracked as “Delivered.” Our decks are shipped out with tracking codes. Any deck that the postal service records as having been “Delivered” shall be deemed as having been successfully delivered to you. If, however, you claim not to have received a package tracked as “Delivered,” you will need to take that claim to the delivery service and not with us. We are not responsible for decks that have been logged by “Delivered.”

Product Returns. In the event we agree to accept a product return and issue you a refund for your purchase, you will be responsible for the postage cost of shipping the returned deck to us. Once we receive your returned deck and have confirmed that it is in brand new condition, we will immediately issue you a full refund. If we receive the returned deck damaged or missing cards or other accompany materials, we will send you photographic proof of the damage for your verification and issue only a partial refund, ascertained based on the amount of damage. Please also note for international orders, we cannot reimburse you for the customs fees you’ve paid.

International Orders: Package Denied by Customs. Your deck will be declared on the customs form as a “tarot or playing card deck.” It is your responsibility prior to purchase to confirm that your country permits the import of tarot & playing card decks. If the package is seized by customs and not returned to either one of us, then regrettably, the order is non-refundable. If, however, customs returns the deck to us, to even out the burden of cost between us, we will issue you a refund for the cost of the deck only (no refund for postage fees).


It is the buyer’s sole responsibility to be current on any customs fees or VAT taxes as well as post collecting fees that may be applicable to your purchase order.

The seller is not liable for customs fees or VAT taxes & other possible fees that your country charges you, the importer, for purchasing overseas, nor is the seller responsible for any delays in delivery on account of customs.

When your order has arrived in your country, customs will mail you notice letting you know that a package from us has arrived. You will then need to go to your local post office to pick up the package in person, at which time you will be asked to pay the customs fees and any applicable VAT taxes. Please further note that you have a limited period of time to go to the post office and pick up the package. If you do not pick up the package within that time frame, your country will ship the deck back to us or, worse, in some instances, the package might never see the light of day again and will be permanently lost. We will not be responsible for replacing or refunding any orders lost at customs on account of your delay in picking up the package.

Please be aware that some countries do not permit the import of tarot or playing cards, so before you place an order, please check to confirm that your country permits the import purchase of tarot or playing cards.

if you have any questions beside mentioned terms & conditions email us astrokartes@gmail.com Thank You for Supporting Selfpublished Tarot guild!^^;)