Welcome to official web page for all my selfpublished decks!^^ Here you'll find all info about;

Pam's Vintage Tarot size & Bridge size!:)

Ancient Lenormand(Bridge & mini size!:)

& Chakra Lenormand Oracle Meditationn& Spell 54 deck n book set!:)

& my other projects!^^;)

Enjoy!^^ & feel free to ask me anything!^^ I'm always open for great ideas!^^;D

**Ordering Your Deck!* All my decks are selfpublished & ready to order from;

Drivethrucards Best US shipping with tracking Media mail Embossed linen card stock & clear snap on box option!:)

GameCrafter Best International UPS shipping Linen texture card stock, optional clear tuck box or drawstring bag!:)

more shipping info here!

& more product designs; Fineartofamerica redbubble zazzle

Selection of original Cloth designs will be available soon!

watch my insta for news & updates on future projects!:) https://www.instagram.com/myluckycards/

p.s special surprise in October!^^ ;D

for printed deck photos+ pod reviews visit my blog!:)) will update soon!^^;)

& take a look at list of my fav selfpublished decks here!:)will update soon!

is web is *under construction & will contine to update so stay tuned!:)


love and light!