22 Arcanes du Tarot kabbalistique & Vintage Wirth Tarot

Happy to present you Vintage Wirth aged makeover of "Arcanes du Tarot kabbalistique" my favorite older Majors only Tarot deck originally illustrated & described in accompany to the book; "Le Tarot, des lmagiers du Moyen" later translated as "Tarot of the Magicians" by Oswald Wirth (this is his earliest original edition also known as " Wirth Tarot 1889")

Now for the first time restored as;

*Art Only Borderless & No title text!

*With refreshed colors textures & vintage background!:)

Original Purple Back design feat flower of Life by reall ©MyLuckyCard

Vintage Wirth is 22 Major Arcana Only Tarot size deck (2.75x4.75in or 7x12cm) with 1 extra card feat

The Tree of life- Using The Queen Scale of Colour of the Golden Dawn tradition (Reference: Crowley's LIBER 777) released in public domain by Author Eric.J.Hebert source;


Limited Edition in original 2 piece box Printed in EU & ready to Order from my EU Shop & shipping from EU with tracking number!:)


Arcanes du kabbalistique Available Only from; https://tarotbg.eu &

Full youtube Video review Thanks to Wonderful Angel Thaena!:)

& https://youtu.be/SKlrQG0-BPA

Even original author never intended to make it full 78 Tarot card deck considering 22 Major Arcana all we need, I'm so intrigued with this great book illustrations & author ideas that I'm reconstructing pip & court cards at the moment & hope to present you full 78 Tarot card deck someday!:)

Until that I print small numbers of these decks for myself & offer for sale limited number of these *early work in progress Majors only decks via my EU Printer in case some of you love idea & might be interested in *early Majors Only Edition. 1st run of Arcanes du kabbalistique was expected to print 60 decks expected to be numbered by you!:) however only half is sold out & i'm calling it Out of print & replacing rest of 30 decks with Vintage Wirth edition I hope you'll like!;) You will get your deck number moment you place your order & your deck ship!:)

here is list of deck numbers for your Vintage Wirth!:)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

21 22 23 24 2526 27 28 29 30

Normal= free for grab & Bold=Taken

l'lI keep this free & taken numbers list update but best hurry if you wish to pick specific number!:)

Note; this is Limited edt in a way it's Limited (only 30 decks!) printed in italy & won't be available after sold out same Major Arcana illustrations may be used for full reconstructed 78 card tarot deck (if I ever finish these!:) but with slight changes to front or back design or coloring!;)

p.s I luv how this author was inspired by his friend ideas & added his name under author in title card to honor all great people and friends who inspire us to be creative & do our best by helping do the same for others!;)

Thank You!^^