2D materials are expected to revolutionize applications ranging from electronics to biology. To realize these visions, mature synthesis methods and powerful characterization approaches are required. This workshop will provide the opportunity to interact with preeminent researchers and shape the future of 2D materials.

The Speakers

Jing Kong

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Martin Kalbác

J. Heyrovsky Institute

Liming Xie

National Center for Nanoscience and Technology (NCNST)

Jana Kalbáčová Vejpravová

Charles University

Mario Hofmann

National Taiwan University

Kikang Kim

Sungkyunkwan University

The Venue

Dr. Poe Lecture Hall, Institue of Atomic and Molecular Sciences

The lecture is limited to 80 people. Attendees should be seated with at least one empty seat between each other and wear a mask at all times.