My Godmothers House

Transitional living

MGMH provides a safe, drug-free environment in a warm, home-like setting, We are supportive and caring, while promoting responsibility and accountability for one's own behavior.

Life Anew

This program, which is offered through MGMH at Mable Bassett Correctional Center, is designed to strengthen participants' prosocial and human relations skills.


We sponsor mentoring and related services to aid clients as they chart new paths, seek jobs, and learn strategies to maintain gainful employment and sustain positive and productive lives.

My God Mother's House MGMH

We are here for you as you start down the path to begin the new life you deserve. Not only does MGMH offer the women who come to live in one of our homes, a nonjudgmental, loving, supportive, and caring environment, but we also offer that same guidance to those outside our homes.

We believe each individual is whole, resourceful, and capable of finding their own answers. MGMH offers the tools and services with which you can gain an enriched and productive life. You take that first step, we will walk beside you.

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