We are experiencing a powerful change in our society. This change also concerns cinema, the most popular art we are all lovers. This change is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). The A.I. is able to produce scripts, voice overs and even digital full body actors! With the A.I. we no longer know if actors playing in a film are real or computed. We no longer know whether emotions we feel through the storytelling are the fruit of creatives or algorithms. 

It's time to act ! Sign the petition to identify movies produced without artificial intelligence with the standard  Organic Motion Pictures. This new standard offers an organic approach at each step of the creative storytelling process, considering creativity in its organic dimension - for instance: neuronal system. 

There will be as much differences between the current and future films in a thousand years, ten thousand years, such as between a prehistoric Bull of Lascaux and the Marilyn Monroe portrait by Andy Warhol. Let's keep it creative! Storytelling created with an A.I. is a story linked to a topic following algorithmic and engaging performances only. Through our organs, we are able to create both by their performances and specificities or fragilities too. It seems to me that this is the deepest field of a creative experience. Organic Motion Pictures Standard highlights a new perspective in creative writing with a practical approach. 

Yannik Ruault,
Creative Storyteller & Filmmaker.

"Organic motion",
another way to tell it.
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