General Information

The FHPA swim team is a great opportunity for our kids to get the most out of summer. If your child can swim the length of the pool independently, she is welcome to join the team! We are a part of the West Michigan Swim League Club, along with other pools in Grand Rapids and Rockford. Practice is Monday through Friday for six weeks. The 2019 season will start on June 10 and run through July 19. This is a members only team.


$50 per child | $150 max per family ‬‬

Practice Schedule

Age as of June 1, 2019, per league rules. Your child may practice only with their own age group.

  • 6 & Under | 10:45-11:25
  • 8 & Under | 10:45-11:25
  • 10 & Under | 10:00-10:45
  • 11 & Older | 8:45-10:00



Registration forms will be mailed to member families in April. Completed forms and payment are due by June 1st.

Meet Schedule (no swim lessons on these days)

  • June 19 | 10:00 | HOST Heather Downs
  • June 26 | 10:00 | HOST Cannon
  • July 10 | 10:00 | AT Ridgemoor, 2435 Inverness Rd SE, Grand Rapids
  • July 17 | 9:00 | HOST 10 & Under Conference Prelims
  • July 17 | 1:00 | HOST 11 & Older Conference Prelims
  • July 19 | 10:00 | HOST Conference Finals

Swimming Suits

Team suits are optional. There will be a vendor at practice with suits available for purchase. Date is TBD.

Volunteers Needed

Please consider volunteering as a timer, table worker, or at the concessions for some of our home meets. Swim parents must sign ‬up for at least two meets. (Grandparents, sitters and older siblings are welcome to volunteer.) Sign Up Genius invites will be sent in May to all swim team parents. Contact Lisa Town at if you’d like to volunteer.

Information For Other Teams

The following is a list of other local swim teams that we compete against every summer. Click on the team name to link to that ‬team's web site. Click on the associated google map for each team to open that map in a new window or in your favorite mobile mapping application. You can select/copy the address on each map if you need to copy/paste the address to another application.‬

Maps to Other Team Pool Locations


RidgemoorSwim Club