Why My Evolution?

My Evolution performance coaching combines resilience, psycho-social well-being and high-performance strategies into bespoke workshops, courses, and motivational keynote presentations. This unique approach allows us to address the specific needs of our clients and deliver tailored solutions that optimize performance and achieve success. Our workshops, courses, and keynote presentations are designed to provide individuals and teams with the tools and strategies needed to improve both personal and professional aspects of their lives. The integration of resilience, psycho-social well-being and high-performance strategies ensures that our clients are able to achieve their goals while maintaining Optimal Health.  My Evolution is owned and run by Don McKay MPST.  You can find out more about Don below.  

My Evolution Workshops and Courses

High Performance People 

The bespoke High Performance People workshop and course is designed to help individuals reach their full potential and achieve success. This powerful program combines the latest research in resilience, psycho-social well-being and high-performance strategies to provide participants with the tools and techniques needed to optimize their performance and achieve their goals.

High Performance Workplaces 

This is a truly transformational experience that will empower participants to take control of their lives and achieve success on their own terms. By the end of the workshop and course, participants will have the confidence, knowledge and skills to make meaningful changes in their personal and professional lives and to achieve their goals.  This is not just a workshop or course, it's an opportunity for individuals and teams to unlock their full potential and reach the next level of success.

High Performance Leadership

My Evolution Leadership Framework is a simple and flexible approach to leadership development that addresses the unique needs and goals of each individual. It is built on the latest research in psycho-social well-being, high-performance strategies, and leadership development, which will help leaders optimize performance and achieve success. It is highly adaptable and can be customized to meet the specific needs of each leader and organisation, providing a clear understanding of the key skills and competencies needed to lead effectively. This framework is a powerful tool that can help leaders take their skills to the next level and steer their team to success. 

The Optimal Health Program

Unlock the key to Optimal Health with our exclusive program bundle! The Optimal Health Program brings together the best of both worlds, featuring Dr. Susan Swanston's scientifically-proven Low Carb Nutrition Program and our High Performance People Program. Get ready to transform your mind and body and mind during the 8 weeks of comprehensive education, guidance and support. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your resilience and well-being to new heights!  Looking for a program to address the new Psycho Social Wellbeing Legislation that is coming to Queensland in April 2023? then this program could be just what you need for your organisation.  You can find out more at optimalhealthprogram.com.au 

Don McKay

Don McKay MPST  is a Health and Performance Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Author, Keynote Speaker, nutrition geek, avid learner/experimenter and student of everything to do with optimal health and resilience.  His combination of work and life experience in challenging and diverse areas brings a unique 'skill stack' to his passion; aggregating health, resilience and performance strategies to help people get the most out of their professional and personal life. 

Don has worked in Law Enforcement for 36 years and has 28 years’ of experience in middle and senior management roles.  Specifically, his experience revolves around leading and managing specialist multi-discipline teams undertaking complex high-risk operations.  

He has a Master of Professional Studies (High Performance and Resilience Strategies) from the University of Southern Queensland and a Diploma in Public Safety (Policing).  Don is also a Certified Primal Health Coach through the Primal Health Coach Institute and a certified Nutrition Health and Wellbeing Coach through VAST Nutrition. Don has 30+ years of training experience and is an engaging presenter and experienced facilitator.  He has designed and delivered specialist training packages in Critical Incident Decision Making, Decision Justification, Industry Exercise Design and Management, Operational Communication, Debriefing and Operational/Organisational Learning. He has also designed and delivered interactive professional development workshops for staff and students across a broad range of organizations with participants ranging from Students to Senior Managers and Executive Staff. 

In 2017, Don started 'My Evolution Coaching and Consulting' to provide a platform to reach and support more people, businesses, and organizations to continue the important conversation around high performance and resilience. Since March 2019, he has delivered My Evolution High Performance Workshops to over 2700 people across a broad range of industries in Queensland. 

Don's passion for storytelling as a learning strategy has seen him become a popular keynote speaker and podcast guest.



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