Janelle Velasquez, M.S.



"Let my creative direction and technical strategies empower you to stand out. I conceptualize innovative, yet practical multimedia solutions to maintain lasting relationships in today's constantly changing, technology landscape." 

                                                       - Janelle Velasquez, nee Wallace

Professional Philosophy

With all-around experience in the field of media and technology, Janelle seeks to support the ordinary person by brainstorming how to effectively incorporate video into their projects. 

Having obtained a Bachelor's degree in Electronic Media, Film and Television and a Master's degree in Educational Technology, Janelle understands the importance of technology whether it be at home, on the job, or in the classroom.  As a creator, she is constantly inspired, eager and enthusiastic about shifting your outlook from passive consumer to active consumer.

Currently with a career in public media, Janelle is devoted to nurturing her creative skills through advocacy and awareness. Through the use of digital media she seeks to support community, small businesses or an individuals' need to educate, enhance and enrich their vision.