Our Story

In 1998 Ruth was 24 when she decided to return to Uganda for the first time in 15 years. Ruth had left Uganda with her parents at the age of nine, to start a new life in London. Ruth described herself as a typical East Londoner, her son supports Arsenal and he had only a vague idea where Uganda is.

In a village struck down by HV/AIDS, her entire family had died. Only her grandmother remained, into her 90s without any family and few friends. One conversation with her unravelled the mystery of how Ruth had come to the UK. Her grandmother had had several children. All the women worked in the fields, except one daughter who was 25, but with the mind of a small child. Unable to make a contribution in the fields she was left in the village. It soon became clear that whilst the family worked, she had been raped and was pregnant. The doctors said that both mother and child would die and it was too late to end the pregnancy. The witchdoctors agreed.

Once labour started the daughter was left alone in a locked hut on the edge of the village. The screams were ignored. Everyone waited for the silence of death to envelope them both. Ruth's grandmother couldn't help but rush to the hut and unlocked it to find a small baby in the corner being beaten by her confused and exhausted mother.

Ruth was rescued and christened Tebitendwa Kirabo, which means 'Unbelievable Gift' in Luganda. Ruth's birth mother died within a year, but as the most precious child in the village she was offered for adoption to a distant relative in Kampala. Nine years later her adoptive family moved to the UK.

During their reunion, Ruth's grandmother said to her, "All my children and grandchildren are dead, you alone have survived. Why did God spare your life?"

As a result of this conversation a dream began to unfold about a charity that would reach out to young people in Uganda both with practical help and with the message of the gospel of Jesus. Ruth was born a product of rape but survived and through many trials came to realise that she needed to give back just as the Lord gave to her.

My Child is an extension of the love of God shown to Ruth and through her to others; My Child will seek to go to places that other charities don't - the remote villages where many are in need. We will not discriminate against anyone based on race, gender or sexuality because we believe that All people are special in the eyes God. We are a Christian organisation (being in agreement with the Statement of Faith of the Evangelical Alliance UK) empowered by the love of God the Father as shown through the provision of His son Jesus to the world (John 3:16).

Ruth came through an abusive childhood into problematical teen years and it's only through finding the love of God through Jesus that she has found purpose. A board of Trustees was formed in 2010 and the charity (no 1137445) was registered in England & Wales (click to see our Charitable Objects). We are only a few years old and all of our projects are run locally by members of the community where they are based, yet we have started to fulfil our vision, to impact lives:

'one child, one village, one generation at a time.'

About Our Charity

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