Google My Business Messaging

Take a moment to verify the phone number by clicking “Edit number” in the app's “Messaging” card.

Receive SMS Texts From the Google My Business App

Just about every modern business owner knows that it's important to maintain a strong and positive online presence. Today's customers want to know what to expect when they start working with a new business, and they want to know they'll be provided with the customer support they need throughout the purchase process and beyond. Google My Business Messaging is just one tool available through the Google My Business app that can help and it's an essential one, so read on to find out more about how to use it.

How to Get Started

This article assumes that readers have already downloaded the Google My Business app, so anyone who hasn't should do so first. Next, just sign into the app and click on the “Messaging” tab under the “Home” menu. That's where readers can provide their phone numbers so they can begin receiving SMS messages regarding online customer communications.

Be Responsive

The entire point of google my business messaging is to allow business owners to provide quick replies to customers' questions and concerns. When readers receive texts from the messaging app, they should never put them off until later. If the business is open, a response should be sent as quickly as possible.

Don't Transfer Sensitive Content Via Chat

It's always wise to avoid transferring sensitive content during chats, as this could wind up jeopardizing the security of customers' personal information. Sensitive content includes credit card numbers, social security numbers, and login credentials.

Consider Using Google Allo

Google My Business also allows business owners to use a second app, called Google Allo, to send and receive messages through its messaging app. All readers have to do is download the app from their play store or app store, register it using the same number they assigned to their Google My Business messengers, and start using it. This will allow them to receive messages without incurring fees in the event they do not have unlimited texting on their phones.

Make Sure the Number is Up-To-Date

Already have the Google My Business app and want to make sure any customer questions or comments are being sent through its messenger? Take a moment to verify the phone number by clicking “Edit number” in the app's “Messaging” card. If the phone number needs to be updated, simply change it so that it is up to date, and click “Submit” to begin receiving notifications about online activity and communicating effectively with customers through SMS.