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Executive coaching, leadership coaching and personal coaching as it never just about work!

6 month Transformation

Six months is required to ensure a sound and robust transformation to new awareness and orientation. We discover together your personality, goals, values, triggers, drivers, strengths, and preferences. Then we use the information learned to transform your thoughts and behaviours toward achieving those goals.

""Lisa has a very good approach for 6 months transformation. The 3-4 hour deep-dive with key words and descriptions that fall out of the session are really insightful. The program forces you to action. You do the lifting. No short cuts to success! " Banker, Zürich Dec 2020

"My executive coaching learning experience with BlueSky went significantly beyond what I was hoping for as the coaching approach applied was much broader to what I have seen before. This allowed me to take away a deeper awareness of myself, which gives me direction and will help with all of my future decision making." Senior Executive, 48, financial industry, Zurich. Dec 2019

4 month Clarity and Direction

Four months ensures a sound process to gain new awareness and orientation. We discover together your values, strengths, and preferences and use them to gain clarity and direction over your purpose, and what will enable you thrive professionally and personally.

Personal coaching really helped. Getting me to focus on solutions helped to transform my energy. Sometimes you just need help to see through the noise of our professional and personal lives. Fully recommend the investment. The personal contact and style made a real difference. "

Managing Director - a global private banking group Nov 2019

note from Lisa: yes, he got a fantastic new global role meeting all his expectations

Pricing: coaching packages are created to ensure you can afford to invest the necessary time to achieve your goals, and also facilitate clarity on total investment, while still providing a tailored solution for your particular need. One off sessions are also available to solve a special issue or decision, pricing upon request.