Our Story

Our story

Welcome to BlueSky. When it comes to increasing your knowledge, the sky is the limit. BlueSky was founded in 2003 when the founder was actively involved in her financial services career, however wanted to increase her own communication and business skills. Lisa Sennhauser-Kelly researched and retained some great trainers to come to Zurich and give courses, and encouraged her friends to attend and contribute toward the costs. It was simple, and everyone had fun as well as learning something new.

That was the beginning

The word spread, and Lisa hired a great team who launched the company and ensured it was run professionally. Originally called "Encore Events" it was renamed "BlueSky", and Lisa became a silent partner. The team expanded the types of courses offered to other areas; writing skills, courses for entrepreneurs, networking events, language courses for expats, "how to" courses on Swiss taxes and healthcare, achieving goals, and many others. At its peak, the offering for public courses was very broad, and over 500 people attended courses annually.

Attendees asked for more

The participants were often highly qualified expats who started to go back to their companies and ask for the quality training they had received to be brought in-house to their teams. Thus the corporate in-house training program evolved. Under Malar Thangavelu's leadership BlueSky was very successful in bringing quality trainers to multi-national corporates seeking to ensure their largely English speaking employee base were receiving the type of business skills training they needed. Prior to and including 2008 business was great for BlueSky with this model. When the financial crisis hit the Swiss multinationals, their appetite for broad based business skills training evaporated. Completely. BlueSky's client base of largely pharmaceutical and healthcare clients removed "Training" from their 2009 budgets.

New direction:

A new strategy for our small company was required. Although broad based business skills training was no longer in vogue, we did notice a trend toward companies requiring individual coaching for senior executives, which became the revenue driver from 2009 - 2014. BlueSky continued to be an agent between coach and coachee, whether the individual paid for themselves or was sponsored by their employer. From around 2012 the corporate training began to pick up again as well, in a completely new way though.

Leadership coaching:

Lisa left her banking career in 2013, and moved from being a silent partner to become the new general manager of BlueSky. Having also undertaken training and receiving full coaching accreditation with the ICF, Lisa combined this with her own years of experiences as a global leader and became one of the executive coaches on offer by BlueSky. Highly qualified and experienced independent professionals continue to work with BlueSky and their corporate clients to ensure English speaking corporate talent can develop their skills.

Time out and a new gig:

Lisa stepped out of BlueSky in 2014 - 2017 for a unique opportunity to support a private equity funded management buy-out of the Equatex Group from UBS. Lisa joined the Executive Board, with responsibility for Finance, Treasury, and HR, and later moved into a newly established role as Director of Sales for Financial Institutions; a great opportunity for Lisa which enhanced further her leadership as well as coaching abilities. Skills that can be taken back to BlueSky when she returns there.

What's next?

In 2018 BlueSky will be relaunching its brand. Until then we are revisiting our strategy, and hope to bring the best of what has been offered over the years, and more. Watch this space! In the meantime, if you have questions, please contact us at info@myBlueSky.ch