Brand & Values

Openness I Clarity I Optimism I Growth

Vision: leading the leaders

If each leader or professional is authentic, self-aware, lives a balanced lifestyle and leads with empathy, their contribution will be more effective, and they will be happier and thrive. As will those that they lead. "Let us all be the leaders we wish we had" Simon Sinek. Executive coaching is really about coaching or in other words, leading the leaders.

Name: BlueSky

“ blue sky thinking” “blue sky strategy” “broaden your horizons” “reach for the sky”

"Blue sky thinking" is about when people try to find completely new ideas with an open mind. A blue sky strategy is how to systematically move from lower levels of competitive business to higher levels of differential business through harnessing talents, gifts and skills to disrupt the status quo and shape the future. And blue sky weather is when we are optimistic and when all is possible. For all of these reasons the name BlueSky was chosen. BlueSky signifies openness, clarity, optimism, and growth,– requirements that are very apt in order to thrive in todays professional and personal environment. In our executive coaching we hope to create all of these emotions.

Values: professionalism, transparency, fairness


We expect our executive coaching team and all the people we interact with to adhere to the highest professional standards, including the highest standards of coaching. We are honest, respectful and ethical. Our clients expect total confidentiality.


Open communication facilitates greater knowledge and clarity upon which to make decisions. We try to be transparent in all of our interactions.


Everyone has the right to contribute their views and challenge those of others. We encourage our clients, our people and our partners to find better ways to do things. We respect equality, champion diversity and inclusion.

“ I love partnering with clients to inspire them to become self-aware, to grow, and to thrive; maximizing their professional as well as their personal potential. “

Lisa Sennhauser-Kelly, Executive Coach and CEO