About Me

My name is Craig Rodgers, and I have been battling bipolar symptoms since my adolescence years. As a youth, growing up in the Seventies, family doctors in rural Utah did not have the knowledge to diagnose mental disorders. I acted out of control at times and made many poor choices related to consuming drugs and alcohol.

Unfortunately, these types of poor choices became a theme of my young adult life. Unknowingly, my life was spiraling out of control.

I hit my lowest point in my life in my mid-thirties…recently divorced, with two kids. I was drinking about a gallon of whiskey every day. I eventually lost my will to live.

One night, I poured my entire soul into a prayer to my God. The spiritual experience I had forever changed my life. I had an instant change of heart to no longer drink. It was not easy, but I did seize drinking. When I became clear-headed, my sexual appetite came into check too, as well as other bad habits.

My spiritual high only took me so far; then, my Bipolar symptoms raised their ugly heads freshly in a new marriage. This time, however, I had a wife that truly loved me and could see me for who I am and not my bizarre sudden changes in attitude.

Finally, a new family doctor could see that I was struggling mentally, and I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder with ADHD. I was prescribed medications accordingly and got a level of relief I’ve never experienced before.

I am finding that my condition is deteriorating, which is requiring frequent medication increases and strengths. I worry that one day, I may be institutionalized, and this frightens me.

My hope is for therapeutic relief, and I hope that this blog will help both my audience and myself focus on experiences and best possible outcomes of Bipolar Disorder and ADHD treatments.