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Avast is a security solution software that provides outstanding security to your devices from potential threats and cyber-attacks. This security software enables you to maintain your systems, devices, and data from day to day emerging threats. Moreover, the Avast security software has nextgen features, which ensures that the users are secure from even new digital threats forming these days.

The users of Avast antivirus get unmatched security for their devices. Also, Avast has become a popular name in the antivirus arena and has millions of happy users worldwide. Furthermore, the company offers both paid and free versions of antivirus software with an amazing set of advanced features.

In addition to this, the users of Avast are free to access their personal account to carry out several functions. It includes management of their paid or unpaid subscriptions and downloading the latest Avast launches.

The portal is user-friendly; you can quickly sign up to its account and login in. However, few users may face issues while they attempt to login into account. Hence, we will help them fix the login issues with their account with some troubleshooting tips covered in this post.

What are the Common Issues that Occur While Attempting to Access ‘’ Account?

There may be some scenarios where the users may face issues with login into their Generally, this Account helps you manage subscription licenses and many products with services registered to your email address.

The registration takes your username and password that you might have generated using different figures and letters. Hence, the chances come when users attempt to sign in to, but they get error messages.

Majorly, there are two common error messages or issues that occur while the users attempt to sign in to These are:

  • You may get notifications of the wrong password or username.

  • Also, you can get the message stating MyAvast servers are temporarily down

My.Avast.Com - Account Login Troubleshooting Tips

Issue 1 – Incorrect Username or Password Error:

  • If you get the error message depicting 'wrong password or username,' then there can be a chance that you might be inputting a wrong email id.

  • Hence, in such a case, we advise the users to check their email id and input the correct one again, which is registered with your account.

  • Despite this, you may be entering the wrong password or the old one. Therefore, you require checking it again and input the correct one.

  • Also, make sure that the caps lock is turned off while you are typing the password.

  • However, if you find yourself in the same situation, then you can attempt to reset the password for your account.

Here are the instructions to reset your account password or create a new password:

  • First, you will have to go to the web page or portal.

  • As soon as the page appears, click on the option 'can't access your account' link.

  • Next, you must enter the registered email address.

  • Then, click on the'send' option.

  • If you find that your system is displaying that the email you have provided does not exist, that means you have to go through the process of the account sign-up procedure.

  • However, if the email id is accepted but the password entry shows wrong, then you have to click on the 'forgot your password' option or 'reset your password' option.

  • Accordingly, the screen will prompt for your email address and send you a password reset link.

  • Hence, open your email inbox and find the mail from Avast with the subject 'password reset.'

  • Move ahead to the registered email and click on the password reset link.

  • As a result, you will get an option to create a new password for the account.

  • After that, you must input a new password for your account and re-enter the same for accuracy confirmation.

Issue 2 – Avast Server Temporarily Down Error:

  • Sometimes, the users face problems while login to account because of an error showing that the Avast servers are temporarily down.

  • In such cases, the users must wait until the website maintenance goes on.

  • However, if you get the same notification on the screen after multiple attempts, you may need to contact the technical support of

  • Therefore, locate the email support or toll-free helpline numbers to connect with the Avast customer care experts. They will listen to your issue and help to resolve the problem.

Taking help from this troubleshooting guide for login, you can conveniently bring yourself out of the sign-in issues. However, you can connect with the customer service team of Avast for any help at any time to get the best solutions.