My.Avast.Com - How to log in to Avast Account and change primary email?

Have you ever thought that you are just a click away from getting your digital security into trouble? In today’s world, where cyber crimes are at their peak, you cannot take your online security this lightly. There are thousands of different ways through which hackers or cybercriminals can threaten your safety and steal or corrupt your valuable data. This is where you need a robust and feature-rich antivirus offered by Avast. It is a multinational cybersecurity software company that develops security software for users all around the world.

Avast offers IT security products for servers, mobile devices, and desktops. All of the products provided by Avast are easy to use and manage. Moreover, with the help of an Avast account, it would become even easier for you to manage all of your paid Avast subscriptions. All you need to do is just log in to your account via by following the procedure we provided in this blog.

Steps to Log in to Avast Account via

Avast account helps you manage your paid Avast subscriptions. You will be able to download the latest Avast products, check the details of your current subscriptions like their expiration date and activation code, etc. So, let’s log in to your Avast Account via

  • Launch your internet browser and go to its URL bar.

  • Now, you have to visit the official login page of Avast via “”

  • Thus, enter “” in the address bar and press the “Enter” key.

  • Now, the login page will open on the screen where you will be asked to fill in your email ID.

  • After this, in the next slot, you should enter the Avast login password. You must be very careful while entering the password as it is case-sensitive, and the wrong password will create errors in logging in.

  • After entering the password, you should click on the “Remember me” button so that you will not have to enter the details every time you need to log in.

  • After entering the password, you should click on the “Continue” button.

Thus, after following all the above steps, you have logged in to your Avast account via “”

How to change the Avast account email address?

You can change the primary email that you use to log in to your Avast Account. Avast also allows you to add additional addresses to your account. However, you can only use one email address to log in to your Avast Account. You should follow the below-listed steps to change the email address of your account:-

  • First of all, you have to log in to your Avast account through and follow the steps we provided in the previous section.

  • After logging in to the account, you should click on your account name located in the top-right corner of the screen.

  • After this, select the “Account settings” option.

  • Then, you should click on the +Add another email given under the Email management.

  • Now, you should enter the new email address and click on the “Add” option.

  • After this, you should check the inbox of your new email. Here you should click-open the mail having the subject as- “Please verify your email address” and click on the “Verify Email” link.

  • Hence, you have successfully verified your newly-added email address. Now, you can use this email for logging in to your Avast Account.

  • You should click on the “Set as a primary option given next to your new email on the “My profile details” screen.

  • So, the updated email is now your primary email for logging in to your Avast Account.

How to Cancel an Avast Subscription from an Account

As we mentioned earlier, you can easily manage all of your subscriptions via your Avast account. If you want to cancel an Avast subscription, you should go through and follow the instructions given below:-

  • Make sure that you have logged in to your Avast account through

  • Then, you should go to the subscriptions tile. After this, all of your Avast subscriptions will appear on the screen.

  • Now, select the subscription you want to cancel.

  • Here, you should click on the “Unsubscribe” button located under the subscription you want to cancel.

  • Now, you should click on the “Unsubscribe from future renewals and let my subscription expire on Month Day, Year.”

  • After this, you should click on the “Confirm” button.

  • In the end, hit the “GOT IT” tab.

Now, your Avast subscription is canceled, and you will receive the confirmation by email.

By using the information given in this blog, you can easily log in to your Avast account through “” In addition to this, you can also change the primary email address that you use for the account login. Moreover, we have also given the step-wise process to cancel an Avast subscription.