AOL Mail Account - Steps to delete AOL MAIL Login Account

Do you have multiple email accounts and are looking for ways to delete the AOL Mail account, or want to close the account due to some reasons, then you are at the right place. Well, AOL mail is always known for providing the best email services to its users. Moreover, it offers web-based online email services enabling its users to send and receive messages.

Furthermore, the users can surf online and stay updated about the latest news via the news feed section. Additionally, the user can enjoy the AOL Games too. If any user wishes to close or delete their AOL Mail account, they can quickly delete their account. Therefore to close or delete the AOL Mail account follow the steps provided discussed below.

Exciting Features of AOL Mail

AOL Mail offers multiple features that help users customize, organize, and use their AOL account. Moreover, the users can completely change their account settings to have a personalized AOL Mail experience.

Moreover, the users can customize their experience with a wide variety of the latest and advanced mailing features, including creating and using folders, calendars, organizing their mail, and much more.

Before proceeding further with the steps to delete the AOL Mail account, check out the exciting features of AOL.

  • Unlimited email storage capacity

  • It allows the users to attach the file up to 25MB.

  • Enhanced protection for spam

  • Spelling checker feature

  • Virus protection feature

  • The user can link other email accounts like (Gmail) with the AOL mail account when signed in.

  • After login, it supports SSL/HTTPS

  • IMAP, SMTP, POP3 protocols are supported by AOL Mail

  • It can un-send the email.

So with these new and exciting features, AOL Mail gave a fresh look to its users. Furthermore, these are the factors of attraction towards the AOL services.

Essential Information about closing the AOL Mail Account

The users are suggested to go through the information provided below to get familiar with the essential information about closing the AOL Mail account. So, have a look at the information provided below.

  • Every single username on an account must be closed separately.

  • The user can close their account if there is no remaining balance and it’s been 90 days since the user cancels their active subscription and paid plans.

  • The users are suggested to visit the MyAccount page to cancel their paid services and pay account balance.

So, these all were the essential information about closing the AOL Mail account.

Consider the following things before deleting the AOL Mail account

Before deleting the AOL Mail account, the users must keep the following things mentioned below in their mind.

  • Backup important contacts, calendars, documents, emails, etc.

  • Ensure to remove the social media account linked with the AOL Mail account.

  • The users are suggested to unsubscribe the paid subscriptions if linked with their AOL account.

Steps to delete AOL MAIL Account

All users are suggested to follow the steps provided below to delete the AOL Mail account.

  • In the beginning, open the preferred internet browser.

  • After this, type in the browser’s address bar.

  • Now the AOL mail login page will appear on the screen.

  • The users are then suggested to enter the credentials, i.e., “username” and “password” of their AOL Mail account.

  • After this, answer the security question and tap on the “Continue” to go to the “My Account” page.

  • From there, click on the “Cancel” link to cancel the AOL account.

  • Now the users will be asked to select the reason behind canceling the AOL Account.

  • Then from the drop-down list, select the reason.

  • After that, click on the “Enter” option.

  • Now to delete the account, click on the “Cancel AOL” button.

After applying all these steps, the users can quickly delete their AOL Mail Account. However, if they face any issue or fail to delete the account, they must take help from the AOL Customer service team.