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"I fit nowhere, and I fit everywhere"- Mya Gomez

Mya Gomez is a singer songwriter with indigenous decent from Toronto, ON. Throughout times of chaos and not knowing her place, Mya turned to music for comfort, support and understanding. She picked up an acoustic guitar at 14 that was bought at a second hand store and taught herself to play and then immediately started writing her own music. While also pursuing other musical and community projects. Mya new she loved being on stage singing and working on her craft, however; she never felt completely satisfied with the content of other peoples words. "It felt disconnected from me even though I loved the sounds and the people I was working with. After accepting this and reflecting her options, she knew she had to pursue all the material she had built on her own; with full force. Writing songs from personal experience and witnessed injustices is just a natural state for this artist.

She says "Listening to songwriters like Tracy Chapman, Buffy Sainte Marie and Amy Winehouse at a young age really molded my understanding of music. These artists inspire me to tell the story of my truth. Artists that write like this continue to push me to pursue music in the purest form I know how." She also states "Growing up urban and around Radio stations my mom managed, a love of Rock and Roll and Metal just kind of happened. I identified with the aggressive and loud sounds of electric guitar, distortion, and the message of sexual freedom and liberation and with the attitude that is saying 'hey I'm here and I'm not backing down so fuck you if you can't accept it because I'm going to be me for whatever that means right now' I am truly inspired by people like The Runaways , Queen, Slipknot (Corey Taylor), and Zakk Wylde who produce huge sounds to fill a room with emotion, fun, sometimes aggression and strong performance skills. Mya has grown her sound to be a mixture of both those elements.

"Its always a balancing act for me when it comes to sound. I choose to play acoustic guitar because it allows for the continuation of emotional connection to the material and what I am saying, but also to the spontaneity of writing it myself and how the songs come to be. Sometimes I want more but the acoustic brings me back down to honesty."

Driven and focused Mya continues to Pursue Live Performances, Recording and Releasing her own Content. Hiring musicians to work with her as a band that are incredibly talented and inspired in their own right. Her plans for the future, she says "It's one step at a time. And I just love what I'm doing so I hope I continue to be able to do as much as possible with this" -Mya Gomez

"My biggest hope is for people to feel connected to the music in one way or another" -Mya Gomez