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How To Stop Dog Barking At Night

A dog is a friendly animal to human beings, and dogs are very useful because they help us in various ways, for instance when intruders try breaking into our homes, your dog alerts you by barking. Even though they are wonderful creatures, but they sometimes annoy us.

Dogs can decide to bark for no reason especially at night hence disturbing the neighborhood, this is one of the annoying things a dog can do. But because there are several ways to curb there barking, you as the owner should not worry, you can control them through various methods.

However, before buying a dog, you should ask around your community and see if there is a dog barking law. You don’t know the kind of dog you are going to get therefore; you should not put yourself in trouble with a noisy dog.

Why Is Your Dog Barking At Night


When dogs are bored and have nothing to do, they will make their own fun. They will bark at almost anything they hear, they can also bark because other dogs are barking in the neighborhood.


A dog can hear and see wildlife at night, something that you cannot even see. They are good at hearing sounds and movements that are rarely heard by people, so when your dog barks at night, it might be because of wild animals. It doesn’t have to be an animal like a lion; it might even be a deer or a squirrel.


Dogs have great hearing power. Unlike us, they can hear noise that we can’t. So while you are resting and not knowing what is going on outside your dog hears everything. Be sure that when your dog barks, there are sounds he is hearing either those that are near or far.

Other dogs

Your dog can bark because other neighborhood dogs are barking. This is called group barking, whereby one dog hears another dog barking and he barks too. There must be a reason why a neighbor’s dog is barking, but your dog is just following suit.


A dog might bark when he or she is ill, but most of us do not notice that but if you have been monitoring the barking of your dog, then you will be able to know when he is ill and when there is danger.


You might hate your dog when he barks every now and then, but when the parking is persistent, you should not ignore it might be a sign of danger and maybe intruders have broken into your home. You will be able to know how a dog barks when there is danger or when he needs attention.

Old age

Elderly dogs tend to park a lot because of health issues and barking is the only way to express their pain. Old age can lead to deafness and when a dog is deaf, it barks a lot.

Territorial protection

A dog might bark when a person or an animal comes into his area, and this is very common. A dog will bark excessively when you try to cross his territory, whenever the person or animal gets closer and the barking increases. During this type of barking, your dog becomes very aggressive.

Attention seeking

A dog can simply bark when he needs your attention. They bark, especially when they are confined somewhere and they need to go outside or play. They also bark a lot when hungry.


There are several ways a dog can bark when there is danger when he needs attention when hungry and even when playing. Dogs usually bark when they are happy or when they are greeting people that is called a happy bark.

When in need of the bathroom

This depends on how you have trained your dogs, some dogs tend to bark when they want to relieve themselves reason being they are trained not to relieve themselves at the place where they are confined or where they sleep.

If You Have A Dog That Is Very Noisy And Doesn’t Seem Ready To Stop Barking, You Should Try Brain Training Them. Brain Training Can Get Rid Of The Problem Within A Very Short Period Of Time. You Realize That Most Of The Dogs That Go Through This Learning Do Not Disturb Barking At Night. Because They Are Already Exhausted. In Brain Training, There Are Several Things You Can Teach Your Dog, For Example; How To Play Piano, How To Target Something, Teach Them Trick Games, Eye Contact And Many Other Things.

Dog Barking At Night Law

There is nothing bad like being disturbed at night by a neighbor’s dog. Some dogs bark too much that you can’t even rest or sleep well; there are anti-barking laws that should be observed. When you notice that a dog in the neighborhood is too disturbing, you should confront your neighbor.

This is the first step you should do. You need to talk to your neighbor about the noise, this is necessary because if the neighbor does not listen and you decide to finally report the case in court, the first thing a judge asks you is if you have ever talked about the issue with your neighbor.

Other neighbors will understand while others will not, so when visiting them you should be ready. If you don’t want to meet your neighbor, you can write them a note or call them. Don’t threaten your neighbor on legal action before you talk. If confronting your neighbor doesn’t bear fruits you should do the following;

Contact Animal Control Authority

These people are likely going to help you more than the police, call them and explain the issue. You need to be persistent about it if you want the problem to be solved. These authorities have several programs on how to handle dog complaints.

Animal Control authorities may enforce local noise laws after hearing complaints and if there are no animal control laws where you stay, just contact law enforcement about your problem. You should be polite because there are some areas where there are no laws regulating animal noise.

Small claims court for nuisance

If you have tried talking to your neighbor but it did not work, you have a right to sue the owner of the dog. Small claims court is necessarily done without a lawyer and therefore, it will not be difficult for you. The process is fast and the fee is little. In some places, small claims court will not help you that much apart from telling the owner to pay you instead of giving him or her a court order to make the problem stop.

But to have a court order, you need to go for regular court instead of small claims court. For a regular court, you will need a lawyer who will help you solve problems you have back at your place.

Dog Breeds That Bark Most At Night

There are several dog breeds that are very loud; this breed is good when you want a guard dog. A dog that barks a lot irritates, as the owner of the dog you may not find him annoying as your neighbor does. Let us look at the various types of these breeds.


This dog is well behaved but very noisy. Beagles were mostly loved by hunters because they can howl and alert them. And in the modern days, this dog barks at night at anything that moves around. If you don’t have nice neighbors, be sure that you will not handle the situation.

Fox terries

They don’t have a big difference with the beagles. These dogs bark a lot at night because they are quick to hear something and see. They have wonderful vision and hearing. That slight thing that you can’t see or hear this dog can do it. If you have plans to get this dog, you should be stubborn, clever and active at the same time. This will limit your dog from barking at night for no good reasons.

Yokshire Terries

These dog breeds are very cute and most people love them. Their cuteness does not prevent them from being stubborn and yapping. If you don't want your dog to bark a lot and disturb your neighborhood, you should know how to handle them. Dogs bark when they are hungry, when they have seen something, when they need to free themselves when they are lonely, when they are not comfortable and many other things. Your dog will not bark when you treat them the way it should be treated.

Maniature Schnauzer

These breed is happy but there barking is extremely annoying, you can’t take a nap when they start barking. These dogs bark at anything and anyone they see, if you want this dog to behave you should train them from the beginning and learn how to curb the barking.

West Highland white terrier

This dog is very intelligent but the problem comes on how to curb his barking. Even though the dog barks a lot, he is very friendly and welcoming, unlike other dogs that can terrorize anyone visiting around. It might be a bit difficult for you to curb these dogs barking unless you hire a trainer or buy an online dog training course.

Cairn Terrier

These dogs are known to alert you whenever there is something unusual. They bark a lot when they are alerting you and there barking cannot be ignored at all. Strong leadership is needed in order to limit their barking habits.

Basset Hound

Every dog alerts the owner by barking and in this case, Basset can smell and hear slight sounds that you can’t hear yourself. Whenever they hear or see something, they tend to alert you by barking, there barking is too much and not everyone around you will bear with it.

How To Stop Dog Barking At Night

Let a vet check on him

A dog might be barking because of illness and you making him to stop barking will not bear fruits because the dog is in pain. So when your dog begins barking at night all of a sudden, the first thing you should do is call a vet to check his health.

Most of the time, elderly dogs tend to have a lot of health problems, so if your dog is elderly, he should be checked too.

Try to know the cause of the barking

A dog can’t just bark without a reason and before you think of how to stop him from barking, you should try to know the possible cause of the barking. A dog is very sensitive can see and hear anything at night.

He could be even barking because he has seen another animal crossing around the compound, knowing what causes your dog to bark is important because when you get rid of it your dog will stop barking.

This applies especially when your dog never barks at night but all of a sudden, he begins to bark for like two consecutive days it means that there is possibly something that causes your dog to bark.


Sometimes dogs bark not because they have seen intruders or something else, they only need your attention. So whenever they bark, you should ignore them if you teach them that way they will learn that barking won’t take them anywhere, but if you keep checking on them whenever they bark, they will get used to that habit and never stop.

Don’t look at him, don’t touch him and don’t even talk to him, it won’t be easy to ignore the barking though. If you want to succeed, just wait until he stops barking, if he barks for an hour or more, you can tell at him to be quiet and the next time he will bark even for two hours.

Keep him tired

Ensure that your dog gets both mental and physical exercises every day, when you are done, the dog will be tired and ready to rest, a tired dog doesn’t bark for no good reason.

Give him a comfortable sleeping space

One of the reasons why dogs bark at night is because they are not comfortable with their sleeping space. If you don’t want disturbances at night, you better give them a good and comfortable sleeping space, don’t let your dog sleep outside because sometimes it is too cold for him and he cannot resist. Give your dog a comfortable bed and let him sleep indoors if possible, but if it is not possible, you can consider trying out some ways to heat up your dog's house.

Feed your dog well

Your dog can have a comfortable sleeping space but he cannot sleep because of hunger. Remember that for you to avoid night disturbances from your dog, you should make sure that you feed him well so that when he finally goes to bed, he sleeps and does not disturb you. Why would you want your dog to suffer from hunger anyway? Don’t forget that when a dog is not fed well, he can end up at your neighbors' homes in search of food, some people who do not love dogs can end up harming him.

Work with a trainer

When barking is too much and you are not in a position to stop your dog from barking, there is possibly one thing that you will have to do and that is hiring a trainer. Trainers are expensive but because they are the only option you will have to sacrifice, trainers are good when it comes to this kind of job. They are in a position to identify the problem and stop it as first as possible.

Ask your dog for an incompatible behavior

When a dog starts barking, you should give him an alternative; teach your dog to react to barking in a different way, such as lying down in his bed. This is really good but training your dog up to this level will not be easy.

Teach your dog the quiet command

This is where you teach your dog when to bark and when to stop, let him bark for two or three times and then place something tasty on his nose. Of course when he sniffs something, he will stop barking and this is known as speak command.

When you are done teaching your dog speak command go to the next one which is the quiet command. Take your dog to a calm place and tell him to speak and when he starts to bark, just say quiet and placing a tasty sniff on his nose. After you are done give him the treat, this routine will help a lot your dog will behave.

Remove the motivation

When your dog starts barking, just be silent, don’t say anything. Motivating your dog makes him bark a lot because he thinks that he is doing a great job. Don’t give him that opportunity to continue barking. For instance, when he begins barking at people, just close the curtains and take him to another room or if he starts barking when he is outside, take him inside the house try to prevent him from barking at any cost. A dog is just an animal that can be controlled easily.

Don’t soothe your dog

If you comfort your dog every time he barks, he gets used to the habit. Therefore, don’t respond to their barking so long as there is nothing serious.

Don’t let them out of their confined space

Most of the time, dogs bark because they want to be freed, you need to ignore the dog whenever he does that, they always know that you will free them whenever they bark.

Doing this will not be easy. Remember that barking will increase but you need to try and assume as much as possible. If a dog is not given attention for barking at night, they will behave because there barking won’t help.

Increasing your dog's exercises

It is a good idea to let your dog exercise, always ensure that you go for a walk with him. By the time you come back, he will be tired and ready to sleep, idle dogs tend to bark a lot.

Teach your dog to relax

Exercise alone cannot keep a dog calm. You need to teach your dog how to relax. Teach your dog to lie down on a towel or something warm and so long as the dog is fed well and with a warm place to rest, he can end up sleeping without having to disturb you the whole night.

There Is Also Another Thing You Should Try On Your Dog And This Is The Brain Training Him. You Can Do This By Watching Several Brain Training Courses Online And Applying Them To Your Dog. Brain Training A Dog Is Important And Every Dog Owner Should Try It.

Remember That What You Are Going To Teach Your Dog Is Complex And Exhausting And Just Like A Human Being, Dogs Tend To Get Tired When The Brain Is Overworked. Don’t Mind About Overworking Them Because They Will Rest At Night Instead Of Barking.

Do Ultrasonic Bark Control Devices Work

Yes, they can when only used appropriately, these devices are used to emit high pitched frequency on ears of dogs that disturbs with barking. This device is not 100% effective; you should use it on a dog that is restless, barking out of boredom and other responses. A dog finds this device very annoying and when it hears the unpleasant sound, the dog will immediately stop barking.

This device will not work on old age dogs or if a dog is barking out of illness, discomfort and happiness. When you realize that your dog is ill, do not use the device on them just call a veterinary to treat your dog and once he is okay, he will stop barking without being forced to stop.

There are instances where the device will prompt your dog to bark even more instead of stopping simply because the sound annoys him. But that does not mean that this device doesn’t help at all, it does work for some dogs and it doesn’t work for others.

If your dog is elderly you should just consider an alternative of this because elderly dogs have hearing problems and they are totally unaffected by the ultrasonic device. It is not effective on elderly dogs sometimes, before using this device on your dog, consider training him because this device might frighten your dog hence leading to unwanted barking

You should not be disappointed when this method fails on your dog, but instead, you should find an alternative for it. Other methods can help stop your dog from barking for example; regular exercises, feeding him well, giving him a comfortable sleeping space and many other ways.

Whenever your dog barks a lot even with a comfortable space and good food, it means that he has a problem and might even be ill. The best thing to do is checking the health of your dog, consult your vet to look at the problem of the dog and if your dog is healthy, you can now proceed with other methods of curbing his barking.

We all know that excessive barking dogs can be very annoying and dealing with it is quite difficult. But using ultrasonic devices on your dog should not be the first option, you can try much safer methods i.e., from the trainers and when it doesn’t work, you can now try out the device.

This device doesn’t cause pain anyway; it is just uncomfortable for the dog, they come in several styles. When purchasing one you should consider one that is best and can work on your dog.

Some methods are harmful to dogs for instance, the e-collars which are known to shock dogs, pinch them and the chemicals in the collars can cause skin irritation and can even damage eyes and other parts of that body.

Best Online Training Course To Stop Dog Barking at Night

These training courses are for training your dogs to stop barking, we realize that there are some places where there are laws against dogs barking. If you have a dog that barks a lot in this kind of place, you may find yourself in trouble. You might have tried a lot about curbing the dog barking and you have decided to try these training courses. There are several training courses that are available for dog owners, these programs will help fix your problems but some of them will not because they are developed by people with no knowledge about it. Here are some of the training courses.

Mentally challenge your dog

This is a game that has been divided into several levels, starting from pre-school to the graduation part. At every level of this game, there are challenges that your dog should learn and earn a particular grade, some dogs are sharp and learn faster while others are slow.

This game is fantastic because it treats all dogs equally. It does not assume that your dog has already been trained before and therefore, it starts with very simple steps that every dog should learn, for instance, sit and down. There also some other essential things a dog learns from this.

Pre-school level

In this level, a dog learns obedience basics; these are basics that should come first when training a dog. It gives a dog excellent obedience skill that every owner loves.

Elementary school level

This is where you start training a dog about his skills and senses; this is the level where games are introduced. At this stage, you can start trying out the commands he has learned in the first level.

High school level

More games are now introduced to help your dog develop impulse control and patience.

College level

A lot of games are available in this stage and since the dog has been playing games on the other levels, it’s now becoming fun. To add on that, collage training ensures that your dog learns how to concentrate and develops motor skills.

University training

This is the highest level where a dog develops intelligence and patience. And since you’ve been spending a lot of time training with your dog, the bonding between the two of you develops at this stage.

Graduation level

The graduation level is that stage where your dog has already developed intelligence and motor skills and can now obey commands. Your dog is now perfect with the training.

Einstein stage

A stage where tricks are learned, there is nothing as wonderful as this. Can you imagine the training your dog has gone through and is now very perfect? At this final stage, the dog knows that after playing, he should keep his toys somewhere safe or something else. Isn’t this amazing?

This stage helps your dog acquire several skills; the dog becomes obedient, intelligent and confident at the same time. These training courses are useful to your dogs you should try them out.

Apart from the above benefits, you will realize that the more your dog trains a lot, he will reduce or stop barking at night. Remember that this is a brain training activity by the time the dog is done with a session, he will be exhausted and ready to rest.

Dog Brain training games

There are more than 21 brain games you can teach your dog. This game has three levels that your dog must go through. In preschool level, a dog learns to touch at a specific target using their paws and nose; they also learn to make eye contact at the same time.

Your dog should have learnt how to play a piano and do some other activities like tidying the house by the time you are completing Einstein level. You should not be having any problems because Adrienne has given you several examples and pictures of how she is training her dog what you should do is just follow the steps.

If your dog finds it hard and begins to lose interest, you should not panic because each game has been simplified in much a much easier process. Ensure that your dog doesn’t lose interest quickly and by the time he starts doing so, he will have mastered all the tricks and the game becomes easy for him.

The next thing after they have mastered the trick is giving them an exam and in this exam your dog should be able to perform the skill he has learned before and the seconds they take to complete the trick is what you use to grade them.

This is a tough task for your dog, they are putting so much in learning new games that are very difficult for them. Your dog will not have a lonely time and therefore, he will not be barking at all and by the time he will be sleeping his brain will have covered alone and the dog will be very tired hence sleeping immediately without disturbing the neighborhood with his barking.

Gesture Eating

The benefits of this training is that a dog learns that all the resources come from you and that is good, the dog knows that without you, there is no food on the table. When training your dog through this, you should feature eat when your dog is watching.

The second step is taking away the dog's food within a second if he does not start eating immediately. Gesture eating shows your dog that you are different from him or her. When you take away his food within a minute, your dog learns and next time he will not hesitate.

Teach your dog a strict eating routine, he should not eat anyhow / any time he feels like eating. Also, teach them to work before they eat for example, you can order them to sit and do a particular trick and the one that does the trick well is allowed to eat. This makes feeding them easy even when they are very close, this trick makes them well behaved and very attentive.

This routine makes your dog to behave, anytime he tries barking because he needs food, he remembers that food time is not yet. This dog will behave until when the right time for eating comes, your dog will not bark at night because he needs food but he instead waits for you to give him food.


This is the first thing you should train your dog on, without this your dog will not succeed in the next learning processes. The things you need to teach your dog in this stage are as follows; sit, take or leave, stay, lie down, recall and many other things you feel like you should teach him.

By the time you are done with the training, your dog will be ready to rest with or without you around because he is simply tired of the day’s work out. These games help keep your dog tired and ready to sleep peacefully at night.

The benefits of training your dog about the above things is because they are advantageous to them when they are in danger, for example; when he is about to cross a busy road and you shout at him to stop he will stop but for a dog that has not been trained telling him to stop will not work.

Force-free dog training

This is where your dog learns to target and look into your eyes. The first lesson is targeting, where your dog should touch a particular object with his nose with a cue. This can be a bit difficult but with several exercises, your dog will be able to learn and even pass tests.

This is an exercise to your dog if you do it during the day your dog will be very busy and has no time to loiter around when a dog does a lot of exercises and is kept busy be sure that the kind of barking you have been having trouble with will stop. Whenever you want your dog to rest well without having to bother you is by giving him a lot of exercises during the day.

Your dog should learn the targeting technique, dogs are useful and you never know when you need them. Some dogs are able to switch the lights on and off.

The look into my eyes technique is essential especially when there is an emergency. Your dog is able to know when something is wrong with you and when you are happy, this is simply because he has gone through the training and knows how you look when you need something.

When training your dog in this technique ensures that the place is quiet with no distractions at all, this needs hard work remember that some dogs learn faster while others do not.

In addition to that, there are some advanced games that you can train your dog on and these are leg weaving, tidy up game, name discrimination and playing a piano. For the case of leg weaving, you just train your dog to weave through your legs and this game makes you and your dog have a great bonding.

While with the case of name description, you can teach your dog the names of his toys, so that whenever you mention a name of a certain toy, your dog is able to bring that specific one to you. Isn’t that awesome? This shows how brave and intelligent your dog is.

The tidy up game is a great exercise where you teach your dog that after they are done playing, they should not leave their toys scattered but they should instead pick them up to where they are kept.

Hot and cold game

This is a game that increases your dog’s listening skills and what you do in this game is, hiding something for instance a toy and if he moves away from whatever thing you hid just use a calm time for (colder) and if he gets closer to where you hid the item use an excited tone (hotter). Apart from this game increasing the dog's listening skills, it also helps him understand the language that the two of you share.

In general, exercises are good for a dog whether brain exercise or any other kind of activity. You realize that in most cases, idle dogs are the ones that disturb a lot barking because they have nothing to do.

For every brain training program to succeed you need to know when and how to use verbal and hand signals, get rid of food lures to prevent your dog from depending on treats, take time before adding verbal cues because adding them so soon confuses your dog and reducing the number of rewards you offer your dog whenever they behave.

Keeping your dog mentally active helps in preventing some of the common problems we see in our dogs, for instance barking for no good reasons. Brain training helps get rid of bad behaviors as long as you don’t stop training the dog and always giving him something to make his mind active.

When you buy this training course you should be sure that your dog is going to improve a lot in several fields, brain training not only helps your dog to stop barking but also does a lot of things for example a dog becomes active, intelligent, obedient and many other things.