Kaspersky Sign in | How to activate at my.kaspersky.com | Kaspersky Antivirus Setup & Installation | Where to enter Kaspersky Activation Code

Kaspersky is reputable antivirus software. With my.kaspersky.com activate you can easily enable Kaspersky security on your PC.

Complete my.kaspersky.com activate steps

● Ensure network connection then open the kaspersky application.

● To avoid any discrepancies in the subscription period check that the system date is correct.

● Run the Kaspersky application on your PC.

● The activation window will open automatically for a new install.

● Type the activation code in the box then click activate.

● If your internet connection is working, the key will be validated and you will see the successful activation message.

How to create a Kaspersky activation account

Kaspersky's account will help you manage the subscription and download Kaspersky products.

● In your preferred web browser type in my.kaspersky.com and enter.

● On the Kaspersky webpage, move your mouse pointer to my account option, then select sign in option.

● Click the account registration link.

● Just follow the instruction to register the account.

How to download Kaspersky Antivirus?

● If you have acquired Kaspersky through an online purchase, an email with the download link will be sent to the provided email address.

● Open the mail application, locate the email from Kaspersky and click the product download link.

● Kaspersky installer file download will start.

● If you don't have the direct link, head to the Kaspersky.com webpage.

● Select the product you want to install then click download.

How to install Kaspersky Software?

● Enable network connection.

● Locate and run the downloaded Kaspersky application installer.

● The installer will connect to the Kaspersky server and download the latest version of the application.

● You can skip this part and do the update later.

● The app will show you the license agreement and terms of use. Click the continue button to agree.

● If you want to participate in Kasperksy Secure Network, click the box then click install.

● After the installation, review the settings you want to keep then click apply.

● When the application is installed successful message is displayed, click done.

how to log in to 'My Kaspersky' account?

● Open Kaspersky application.

● Expand the tools window and select my Kaspersky account.

● In my Kaspersky account window select the sign-in option.

● Enter the email and password associated with the Kaspersky account and click log in.

Ensure complete protection after Kaspersky installation

Keep the virus database of Kaspersky antivirus updated.

Open the application window and review the protection status.

Perform full system scan after my.kaspersky.com activate.



If you are new to Kaspersky and want to integrate its security with your pc and smartphone you have to first complete the Kaspersky.com/setup process. If you don't know how to do it, follow the steps given here. You must complete all the steps to make Kaspersky antivirus fully functional on your device.

Kaspersky Setup Installation

To warrant Kaspersky security on your computer, you must first install the antivirus application. Follow the steps:

Visit the Kaspersky.com/setup page.

Go to the download section, choose the type of subscription you have purchase.

Now specify your region and operating system, then click the download button.

Run the installation wizard, if it asks to update Just click the skip button.

Go through the license agreement term then click the continue button.

Choose the settings you want to keep then click the apply button.

When you see a successful installation message click the done button.

Kaspersky setup activation

Activation will make your Kaspersky subscription fully operational till the end of the subscription period.

Activation wizard automatically opens up at the first launch of the Kaspersky application.

Select the activate application option.

Now you have to provide the license activation key.

It will be in the purchase confirmation email or inside the box in case of an offline purchase.

Click the activate button and wait, the app will first validate the key then activate the subscription.

Kasperky.com/setup for mobile devices

To Install mobile device protection Install Kaspersky mobile security app

Download and Install the relevant Kaspersky Mobile app on android and iPhone from their respective app stores.

After installation launch the app.

Tap the agree button for the License Agreement and terms of use.

Provide the activation code to activate the Mobile security subscription. Enjoy the protection


If you need help with Kaspersky.com/setup then we can provide you the full support. You will receive guidance for account creation, product Download, product Installation, and product activation. Also, you will receive Troubleshooting in case any error arises during the setup Procedure.


If you are in need of support for Kaspersky.com/setup contact us. You will 24 hours live chat support from our experienced executive. We help with McAfee setup download, installation, and troubleshooting. You will get prompt support, hassle-free service, and multiple follow-ups to ensure that the setup is working correctly.


Internet is a basic necessity these days but also a dangerous place. To ensure your security and privacy you can opt for Kaspersky security antivirus. Kaspersky.com/setup page will provide you every detail on how to onboard and we could help you with the setup and activation of Kaspersky antivirus on your computer.

How to install Kaspersky setup on windows

Go to the kaspersky.com/setup page.

Click the menu button then select download.

Specify the operating system as windows and download the .exe Kaspersky endpoint security Installer file.

Extract the Installer files and launch the Kaspersky installation wizard.

Follow the instructions in the Installer dialogue box and complete the setup.

How to install Kaspersky setup on Mac

Type kaspersky.com/setup in a browser and press enter.

Move to the download section and select Mac OS for download.

Download the .dmg installer file on your Mac device.

Run the Kaspersky endpoint installation wizard.

Tick mark the box "I agree to participate in Kaspersky Security Network".

Click the Install button and if systems prompt for administrator credentials provide your Apple id and password.

When Kaspersky security for Mac Installation completes, click done.


Detailed guide on my.kaspersky.com activate process

Kaspersky security solutions is a Moscow based cybersecurity provider. It offers many products to ensure home and business online security. Kaspersky is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. From a central my.kaspersky.com dashboard, you can purchase, activate, and deploy Kaspersky security on your devices. Let's learn the procedure step-by-step.

How to obtain my.kaspersky.com activate code?

To obtain a Kaspersky activation code you have to purchase a Kaspersky subscription license.

● Head to the official Kaspersky online store page.

● Browse through the products and look at their features.

● When you have found the product that meets your requirement click the buy now button under the product's name.

● You will be taken to the checkout page.

● Provide your details here then click the Agree and continue button.

● On the next page, enter your card details then proceed to checkout.

● Review your order and the provided details once then click buy now.

● When the transaction completes, an activation code for your subscription will be sent to the email address you specified.

● Go to your mail application, open the email from Kaspersky, and retrieve the code.

How to make use of the activation code for my.kaspersky.com activate?

● If you have installed the Kaspersky application on your computer open its main window.

● The activation screen will present itself automatically.

● In case the activation screen doesn't appear itself, you can find the option, enter the activation code at the bottom of the screen.

● Input the activation code in the activation window, then click activate.

● The screen will notify you if the activation is successful.

How to create my.kaspersky.com activate an account?

My Kaspersky is a web portal that lets you control your device's security from a single dashboard. The steps mentioned below will help you create your account;

● Open the Kaspersky application window.

● Expand the more tools drop-down list and select the 'My Kaspersky' option.

● When my Kaspersky screens appear, click sign in.

● You will be redirected to, 'Connect to My Kaspersky' screen, click create an account.

● Type the email address you specified while purchasing the Kaspersky license.

● Enter a password, then re-enter it in the confirmation box.

● Next type in your first and last name, then click the create button.

● An email with an account activation link will be sent to your email.

● Open the mail, then click the activation link to verify your details and activate your account.

Or Follow Steps given in official kaspersky forum

  1. Open https://my.kaspersky.com/

  2. Create account using your email id and choosing desired password.

  3. Open Your Email Id Click on Activation Link to verify your email id.

  4. Go Back to https://my.kaspersky.com/

  5. In the My License, click Activate the application if you already download, Install, Setup the Kaspersky antivirus.

  6. If You have not download, install, setup using your email id then you can download it by visiting my downloads under https://my.kaspersky.com/ and follow procedure above.

  7. In the Activation window, enter the activation code you obtained when buying the license.

  8. Click the Activate button.

  9. In the Activation window, click Finish.

What is Kaspersky Antivirus?

Kaspersky Antivirus is the advanced security solution for all your devices with a new edition including protection from well-known Ransomware, optimized firewall, anti-phishing, and a lot more features. By combining the protection and performance of your PC, Kaspersky defends against the latest virus, spyware, and most common online threats.

It scans and sends you a red-alert about dangerous web links and emails. To enable a new level of security to your devices, simply download Kaspersky Antivirus from Kaspersky.com/setup and enjoy essential protection that never lets you and your system be down.

What to do if you didn’t receive the activation code after purchasing Kaspersky Antivirus?

After purchasing Kaspersky Subscription Service, the activation code will be sent to your respective registered email address. To get it, you’ve to open your email inbox, then search for the “Order Succesful” titled email message received from “Team Kaspersky”. Herein, you’ll get an “Activation Code”. But in some cases, users are unable to locate the email message. Also, it takes around an hour to receive an “activation email”. If you did not receive the email message, check your inbox’s Junk or Spam folder in case it was moved there automatically or by mistake. If still, you are unable to locate it, contact Kaspersky’s retail partners.

How to contact Kaspersky?

  • If you’ve purchased Kaspersky’s Antivirus Product from the Kaspersky website, access your account using Kaspersky.com/setup.

  • Under the “My.Kaspersky.Com” panel click on “Kaspersky Technical Support”. Using a messaging system, share your issues with them.

  • In case you’ve purchased from a different Kaspersky Partner, kindly contact them.

What information to provide?

Before contacting “Kaspersky Technical Support”, keep the following information at hand:

  • Your Full Name (As mentioned in Account)

  • Email Address used for the purchase

  • Date and Time of Purchase

  • Order Number of your transaction.

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