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a Sacred Place for Personal Growth and Revitalization

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Providing a safe, empathetic, and life affirming environment

Supporting you with integrity and compassion

Facilitating change that frees the body and soul

Brennan Integration Practitioner-BIP

Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

BB School of Healing Workshops


"I attribute much of the credit for my amazing year of learning and growth to my sessions with you Edrianna. You have nurtured me and guided me with such love and patience. You are always fully present which supports me and lifts my spirit. During times when I feel I don't have enough strength on my show me that I do". R.S.

"Words can’t express the depth of appreciation and gratitude I have for my BIP, Edrianna. Her compassion and ability to create a sense of trust has helped me to feel safe enough to be open and willing to work on my personal process. Sometimes I am amazed at the vast “toolkit” of approaches that she can tap into during our sessions. Each approach has been exactly what I needed at the time for greater awareness and understanding in tracking my own energy field. Edrianna’s support in my journey of transformation has been invaluable!" N.M.

Why the name: My Healing Cottage?

I was hoping it may be obvious, but in case it isn't... I work out of my home, a beautiful healing space in the western North Carolina mountains. My husband and I created this space to be nuturing, inspiring, life renewing, and life giving. It is -- daily. We love sharing our space with others.

I believe each person is responsible for their own healing -- what ever that ends up meaning and looking like for each person. A healing journey is personal. You possess the power to transform your life. Because we all need support on that journey having a place you can call "my" creates a sense of ownership. There can be many locations in one's life where you experience healing. I desire to share my space with others so that anyone who is called to this particular healing journey may feel empowered by calling it their own: My Healing Cottage.