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Avast contains a group of comprehensive security solutions that facilitates the users to maintain their data and system. It provides complete protection to your devices from several emerging and existing cyber threats. Moreover, the Avast products with their advanced solutions are primarily developed with nextgen technology. As a result, its users get unmatched security.

Also, Avast has a unique portal. Creating the account allows the users to carry out multiple purposes. One with the account on its website can conveniently manage and trigger the subscriptions. Furthermore, the users with the account can even download the updated Avast products.

We are providing the process of sign-up and account access process in this blog. Hence, have a look at the procedures and follow the same to create the account to complete your respective tasks.

My.Avast.Com – Account Registration

  • First, you have to decide which web browser you want to open to create the account on

  • Hence, choose a web browser first, locate its icon, and click on the same to open.

  • Also, connect your system with a stable internet connection.

  • Then, open the Avast login window by typing ‘’ in the web search bar.

  • After you enter the website’s URL, hit the 'enter' key to allow the page to initiate the search.

  • As soon as the page loads, click on the 'register' button that opens on the next window.

  • You can locate this button in the upper right corner.

  • As a result, you will be brought to the Avast account creation window.

  • Now, proceed to provide your details to execute the process of sign up to

  • First, input the email address to associate with the account.

  • Then, you have to establish a password for the Avast account.

  • For this, make sure that the password must have a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters with a number at least.

  • Also, make a strong password for security purposes.

  • Further, another field will require you to enter the password again for confirmation purpose.

  • Remember, the password in both the fields much match. If this does not happen, you have to make the entry again and correctly until it matches.

  • Now, the screen will show you the privacy license agreement.

  • To proceed with the process of account sign up, read the agreement carefully by accessing the same with a single click on the displayed link.

  • This link will display below the 'create new account' tab.

  • After that, accept the agreement by giving your consent to move further with the procedure.

  • Later, you have to verify the account for which, you will receive an email from Avast on your email id.

  • Hence, log in to your email account and access the verification email. Then, open the received link.

  • As a result, your account gets verified.

Performing these steps completes your registration on

My.Avast.Com – Account Access

  • To access your account, first, you have to move to a preferred web browser.

  • Then, visit the Avast login page by typing the respective website’s URL in the search bar.

  • After that, push the enter button from the keyboard.

  • As a result, the sign-in page will load.

  • Here, you have to provide your Avast account login credentials.

  • Therefore, type the correct email id in the given field.

  • After that, input the correct password in the next field.

  • As soon as you finish entering the login details within the mandatory fields, a further step to perform is to choose the option 'remember me.'

  • This option saves your login time in the future. Hence, you will not be asked again to provide details whenever you attempt to log in.

  • Also, remember that it is an optional step. You can proceed after skipping it, too.

Now, hit the 'sign in' option. This step completes your access process.

Utilize these procedures to establish your account on The process that we have covered in this post is easy and apt to save your time. Also, you can take this guide’s assistance to log into your Avast account.