Data Science and Machine Learning Engineering

I perform exploratory data analysis on your data to discover hidden patterns. Having uncovered insight we decide that actions can be taken based on your data. Then I engineer features and design machine learning algorithm (from simple regressions, trough xgboost, deep learning, and stakcnet) to allow automatic actions taken from your data.

Data Engineering

I design and deploy end-to-end data pipelines. Extracting, cleaning, transforming, loading data. I also configure and maintain database infrastructures (RDBMS, big data, noSQL), where I help you to choose the right solution for your data.


I provide DevOps support for your infrastructure. Linux, AWS, Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, firewall, backup, CD/CI, Git, automation, scripting (bash, python), databases (MySQL, Postgres, Mongo, Redis, Riak, Casandra, InfluxData, ask for more), monitoring (performance, alerts), migration, tuning

Software Development (Python, C/C++)

I can help you with developing your backend for automation, integration, data processing, IoT, edge computing, etc.. I follow Agile methodology where the focus in on client's needs and flexibility. I can work on a one person project as well as I can join a bigger distributed team.