Bethel Summer League

General Information

All matches are played at Bethel University's Sports & Recreation Center (SRC), 1445 Arden Oaks Dr, Arden Hills

Please note, this is NOT the gym location where Bethel plays their regular season matches.

  • Officials' Responsibilities:
    • Arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to match time.
    • Teams will conduct their own informal warm-ups on their own and should be ready to play at match time.
    • Dress in a professional attire. White polo & dark pants (black or navy).
    • The teams or custodian are responsible to set-up and take down the nets.
    • You will be the R1 on the court (the only official for the court) & are responsible for your own whistle, net chain, coin, & scorecard.
    • R1s will keep score using a net-connected flip board.
  • Report Scores: Print out a scorecard (link below), fill out and leave with the attendant (Jaran) at the end of the night.
  • Rosters: Each player will receive a colored wristband/ankleband each night. Officials are asked to verify that all players on a particular team are wearing the same color band.
  • Rule Set: NCAA Women's Volleyball - but no limit on subs.
  • Payment will be $20 per match.
  • Subs: Can be obtained by calling or e-mailing Deb. Advanced notice is requested.
  • Match Format: 2 sets per match. All sets are played as first team to 25 points.
  • Time Limit: 45 minutes to complete each match

League Information

League Rules

Scorecard - Officials need to print a copy to turn in at the end of the night

Officials Schedule

The schedule is posted in a spreadsheet view. Each month has it's own view. To see a specific month's schedule, click the name of the month found in the bottom left corner of the spreadsheet.