Rule #1: Look (and be) Professional

Rule #2: See Rule #1

Uniform Polo Shirts

  • Preferred - "new" certified polo (either blue, grey or white shown below)
  • You can order the preferred polos at: http://vbofficialsgear.com
  • Acceptable - "old" certified polo (white) or plain white polo
  • NOT ACCEPTABLE - NCR , USAV, or other club/tournament affiliated logos
  • Additionally, please do NOT wear USAV or PAVO patches at these events.

Uniform Pants

Preferred - navy slacks

Acceptable - black slacks

NOT ACCEPTABLE - yoga pants, sweatpants, khaki's, etc.


Preferred - plain white w/ little or no accents

Acceptable - plain black w/ little or no accents

NOT ACCEPTABLE - obviously dirty/worn or lots of bright colors