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Blog Post February 2020: featured activities for each grade level

4th grade: concert preparations in 3 languages

This month, 4th graders have been conquering the challenge of learning a song in a new language! At our concert next month, we will be singing in Turkish, English, and using takadimi rhythm syllables (which help us read and understand rhythm). I'll let my student reveal the Turkish, but take a look at the rhythms below and let your student show off their talent!

3rd grade: three note solfege reading

3rd graders are anxiously waiting for me to reveal some new solfege notes. We have been working on reading, writing, playing, and listening for mi, so, and la - here are some skills 3rd graders have shown that tell me they are ready for 2 new notes!

mi so la WS.pdf

2nd grade and MA: using Orff instruments for the first time

2nd graders and multiagers are using Orff instruments for the first time this winter. Early on, we spend a lot of time learning the procedures of the instrument area (how to enter and exit, how to rotate instruments, rest position and ready to play position). Then we learn about all of the different instruments in the area (xylophones, metallophones, and 6 different drums). Finally, we are ready to play classroom songs as well as create our own!

1st grade: introducing and practicing ta and tadi

1st graders have been expanding on a concept first introduced this fall: in kindergarten, we practiced 'steady heart beat' vs. 'the way the words go' - now as 1st graders we know 'the way the words go' really means the rhythm pattern. Recently, we learned how to 'decode' and 'say' rhythm patterns. Here's a chart that sums up our learning. Throughout the year, we are working on playing the patterns accurately, listening and decoding patterns, and composing and improvising our own!

Kindergarten: following vocal paths and creating our own

We are learning about and practicing the 4 voices we use in music class (singing, speaking, calling, whispering), and a great way to find or practice our singing voices is vocal paths! We can follow the paths with our voices, and then create our own path with some giant pipe cleaners!