Katsumi W. Ferguson ( violinist / music arranger / violin & piano instructor )

A native of Fukuoka, Japan, Katsumi W. Ferguson began her violin studies at the age of 2, influenced by her father who was the student of Shinichi Suzuki. She began piano studies at the age of 4 under her mother. She began her professional career as a violinist and piano accompanist prior to graduating from Kyushu Women's College in 1990. She studied violin performance with Eisuke Shinozaki, Taeko Miki and Toshiro Yokoyama.

She freelanced extensively with various ensembles throughout Japan. She has worked as substitute at Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra, New Japan Philharmonic and more.

From 2004 to 2007, she participated in the recording of original Japanese songs composed by Yoko Tanaka and released by Victor Entertainment. In 2004, she has had opportunity to perform in Piano Trio with Kevin Kenner who was the top prize winner of the International Chopin Competition.

As a violin and piano instructor, she has been teaching for over 30 years. She had worked at Wakamatsu violin & piano school, Misa Music Management Company, Seifukai Gojyukawa Hoikuen pre- school, Kodama Guitar school, Kawai Music school ( Takatsuki city, Osaka ), Jyujiya, Cosmos pre-school and Zen Music. Currently, she privately teaches violin, piano and music theory.

Katsumi moved to New York in 2008 and performed with many different ensembles in the NYC area.

As a chamber music player, she has worked at New York Chamber Virtuosi, The Sheep Island Ensemble, One World Symphony, Empire State Symphonia, Nova Philharmonic, The Ensemble 212 ( substitute ) , The Bergen Symphony ( principal second violin ), Spectrum Symphony of New York, The Dream Unfinished ( activists' orchestra member ) , The World Peace Sinfonietta Chamber Orchestra, The Bronx Concert Singers Chamber Orchestra ( concertmaster ) , The Chappaqua Orchestra Chamber Music Concert series ( guest artist ) and National Yiddish Theatre ( Concertmaster ) .

As a soloist, she performed at Tanri Cultural Institute, William PatersonUniversity Musical Salon Series, Baruch College and many other places.

Currently, she regularly plays the viola & violin at Dr. Barry Harris Jazz Orchestra & choral organized by Dr. Harris. She performed with Dr. Barry Harris as the member of string quartet performer at "Jazz In The Park" Music Festival in Peekskill, NY, Summer on 2019.

Ferguson 若松 かつみ



2歳半の頃から両親の手ほどきによりヴァイオリンとピアノに親しむ。5歳の頃よりヴァイオリンを 篠崎永育氏(NHK交響楽団第一コンサートマスター篠崎史紀氏の父)に、九州女子短期大学在学中には三木妙子氏に師事。



2004年 ショパン国際ピアノコンクール最高位受賞者ケヴィン・ケナー氏とヴァイオリントリオにてコンサート共演。

2004年〜2007年 田中陽子作曲の作品「うたわれしもの(ビクターエンターテイメント)」の録音とコンサートイベントにヴァイオリンで参加。この録音に参加したジャズミュージシャン井島正雄、田部俊彦、出口成信や、ヤス岡山、池田みどり、野本秀一等と、数々の音楽祭に参加。




2014年より The Bronx Concert Singers の室内楽団でコンサートマスターとして4年間出演。同時期に National Yiddish Theatreではコンサートやオフブロードウェイミュージカルショーにてコンサートマスターとして出演。2016年〜ウェストチェスター郡チャパクァオーケストラのゲスト室内楽奏者として出演。


2018年秋〜ジャズピアニスト バリー・ハリス氏主宰のジャズオーケストラにヴァイオリン&ビオラ奏者として現在も参加。


2019年夏、Jazz In The Park音楽祭にて弦楽カルテットメンバーとしてバリー・ハリス氏と初共演。同年秋より、ニューヨーク ママサロンにて、ジャズボーカリスト霧生ナブ子氏と『Let's Sing Jazz!』クラスを開講、ピアノ伴奏者を担当。


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