Mushroom Art

Mushroom Art Depicted in Paintings, Drawings and Ancient Times

Last Words From SaveWorldDraw (previous owners)

Mushroom Art, Takes Over

A new era is about to take hold. In a recent development on October 23, 2023, a new site emerged called Mushroom Art. In this domain takeover, we appreciate you taking a minute to browse the new pages at - thank you. 

Who owns the Mushroom Art website? 

Mushroom art is owned by Nature Lion Mushroom Farm. Nature Lion is a Canadian company that believes strongly in the presence of art in the mushroom-growing world. Mushrooms and art go hand in hand, and our company is focused on joining these two things together and becoming a hub for artists, mushroom growers and enthusiasts. 

What kind of website was

The website was about art, birds, paintings and drawings. Not much is going to change in terms of content. However, with the addition of mushroom art as a new website category we expect the influence to be focused on mushrooms, culture and art. 

Where is Mushroom Art Located? 

This is a global website and we want to welcome you to a new era of Mushroom Art. We currently have visitors and artists from all over the world who are interested in the topics of art, specifically mushroom art. 

Why does mushroom art exist? 

The art community and the mushroom community are both extremely creative in their own rights. Merging these two niches makes perfect sense and will help to build a strong network of artists, and mushroom lovers. Joining forces to create a more beautiful world through the potential of art.

Graffiti Mushroom Art Video

Mushroom Art Sponsored By Nature Lion

As the proud owners of we are overjoyed to be able to sponser a website about mushrooms and art. It's incredible to bring these two art forms together, and we're excited to bring you this futuristic art. 

Share Your Artwork

We are currently looking for visual artists, graphic designers, sculptors, painters and AI imagery experts who would like to help promote Mushroom Art to the masses. 

What types of artwork can be shared? 

We accept all forms of mushroom-related artwork. However, we are only accepting submissions that have mushrooms depicted in the imagery. Your medium can be anything you choose. 

How to share your artwork. 

Mushroom art entries should be submitted directly to Nature Lion Mushroom Farm. Please email submissions to

Artist history and background. 

Your history as an artist and your background is important to our viewers. A short blog article with the artists' history (you) should be included with each submission. 

Why it's a good idea to submit your art. 

When you submit your mushroom art here you can rest assured that we will be a strong partner in promoting your artwork submission. Our parent company Nature Lion Mushroom Farm has a strong presence on social media and will promote your work to a network of over 100k+ monthly viewers.