31 August- 1-2-3 September 2019

Welcoming Letter from the Secretary General,

First of all, hello to all of those who are honoring us even just by visiting our website or taking a few steps further and joining our first edition. It is known that there is a point where words are absent from their meaning to express the feelings one lives. I have never been an one that has used that phrase to state this situation which goes as '' There are no words to express my feelings right now ''. I have found it to be weak until this moment, because right now, after a few years of struggles into academic extend to gather up a Model United Nations conference , I am privileged to address you as the Secretary-General of the first edition of a conference that we all hope and with great determination schedule to be an intellectual gathering of minds that wish nothing but to become more sharpened rather than just a usual Model United Nations conference. With all due respect , people who had the opportunity to observe various MUN conferences different from each other by means of those who organize it, participate in it, located region or matter of funds, would agree with me on this marking that as the quantity of the MUN conferences got more and more nowadays rapidly have caused a genuinely observable decline in the quality of the content of the conferences especially regarding the debates. MUNOVATION conference aims nothing but to become an exemplary conference for all to be able to say no to this decline and any future decline of quality in any area starting with the Model United Nation conferences and youth conferences, extending into the living standards of every individual that are found in the world by making a difference and taking risks if necessary to stay on course and task. I, Altay ÖZKUT, the Secretary-General of the first edition of MUNOVATION, MUNOVATION'19, hereby welcome you all to this beginning of a new chapter in the Model United Nations conferences and youth conferences in general, I am nothing but grateful to all contributors, sincerely yours Altay ÖZKUT.


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JCC: Peaky Blinders

Jcc: Peaky Blinders

Historical Committee

Historical Committee