Mumbai Escorts Prospective: Reasons why broken men are great in bed

Society is taught to frown upon men who are not “providers” in the traditional sense. Often, broken men are perceived to be useless as opposed to broken women. In an attempt to be funny, my grandma used to say “a broken man is like a broken arm, you can do nothing with it” Well, as it turns out, that is not entirely true. If you are keen, or a researcher-like us-you will notice a good number of men who are not financially stable still end up in good relationships with financially-stable women who are willing to foot the bills without complain. Such guys go for Mumbai escorts services just to get laid or to share some special time.

This analogy is not a gigolo or a sugar-mummy kind of description, we are talking genuine relationships that may or may not end up in a long-term commitment. So, why is that? Well, it’s simple; broken men are better in bed! At this point, you may think that I have completely lost my mind, but this is as true as the sun is yellow and here is why.

They make up for their shortcomings

Broken men know that they are not fulfilling their primary role as providers. Wherefore, it is not unlikely that they feel inadequate and want to compensate for their shortcomings and the best place to do so is in bed. According to Bernice, an independent escort in Mumbai, men who are feeling inadequate in other areas of their life are more attentive and giving in bed. It is no wonder that women who are in relationships with such men have no qualms about paying the bills.

They are unlikely to cheat

As earlier stated, the society is very harsh towards broken men. Additionally, affairs tend to be expensive thanks to all the sneaking around. This is why broken men are less likely to cheat. For starters, they feel grateful to have a partner who doesn’t mind that they are broken, secondly, they don’t have the financial resources to support and affair, and third, they are too preoccupied with proving themselves worthy to their current partner. They cannot afford an affair, but they can afforest Mumbai escorts once or twice in a month obviously.

They have no ego

The leading cause of breakups in relationships are inflated egos from both the women and the men. A man who is broken has no ego inflation of any kind. Basically, the entire relationship becomes about him trying to even out the score. Men in a relationship need to feel in control somehow, so if he can’t be in control of the money, he can be in control of the bedroom matters. All women love a man who is in control in the bedroom whether she is just girlfriend, wife or Mumbai escorts who just want to give sexual pleasure.

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