The Multimodal Interaction for Data Visualization workshop at AVI 2018 held on May 29, 2018 is a full-day workshop intended to be a platform to bring together researchers with expertise in visualization, interaction design, and natural user interfaces. Multimodal interaction offers many potential benefits for data visualization. It can help people stay in the flow of their visual analysis and presentation, with the strengths of one interaction modality offsetting the weaknesses of others. Furthermore, multimodal interaction offers strong promise for leveraging data visualization on diverse display hardware including mobile, AR/VR, and large displays. However, prior research on visualization and interaction techniques has mostly explored a single input modality such as mouse, touch, pen, or more recently, natural language and speech. The unique challenges and opportunities of synergistic multimodal interaction for data visualization have yet to be investigated. With this workshop, we aim to build a community of researchers focusing on multimodal interaction, explore opportunities and challenges in our research, and establish an agenda for multimodal interaction research specifically for data visualization.

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