Multi-Object Grasping in the Plane

Wisdom C. Agboh Jeffrey Ichnowski Ken Goldberg Mehmet Dogar

We consider the problem where multiple rigid convex polygonal objects rest in randomly placed positions and orientations on a planar surface visible from an overhead camera. The objective is to efficiently grasp and transport all objects into a bin. Specifically, we explore multi-object push-grasps where multiple objects are pushed together before the grasp can occur. We provide necessary conditions for multi-object push-grasps and apply these to filter inadmissible grasps in a novel multi-object grasp planner. We also propose a picking algorithm that uses both single- and multi-object grasps to pick objects.

Multi-object grasping (8x)

Single object grasping (8x)

Grasp failures due to the multi-object diameter condition

Grasp failures due to the intersection area condition

Main experimental results

  • Our multi-object grasp planner is 19 times faster than a Mujoco physics simulator baseline.

  • Our multi-object grasping system achieves 13.6% higher grasp success and is 59.9% faster than a single object picking baseline.