Welcome to the Multnomah County Democrats Election Volunteer Hub!

In this virtual campaign office, you will find many opportunities to help out with important political campaigns, in Oregon, and across the United States.

Just as important as volunteering your time, please consider supporting the work that your fellow Multnomah County Democrats are doing with a contribution to the party. We are unique among the organizations working for a big 2020 victory, because we're not just some faceless 501(c)3.... we're your neighbors. With us, you have a real voice.


Thank you for coming to our 2020 Volunteer Hub. There is so much at stake in this year's elections. Whether you have an hour or a day there is something for everyone to do to help Democrats win the Presidency, the Senate, Oregon statewide and local races. You might want to make calls, send postcards, organize friends, register voters, it's all here at the volunteer hub.


Flip the West has ongoing postcard programs focused on flipping Senate seats. Regardless of who wins the Presidency, the Senate is key to protecting the courts, healthcare, the environment, emergency response, and so many other critical issues. We are building voter excitement and participation among key constituencies through voter registration campaigns, targeted information about the Republican Senators and the Democratic candidates, and Get Out The Vote drives, throughout the 2020 election cycle. We have now reached close to half-million voters in Arizona, Colorado and battleground districts in California. Our programming is expanding to Iowa as well. Sign up Here for voters to contact.

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Activate Your Neighborhood

Sign up to be a Neighborhood Leader - connect with around 30 Democrats close to you. Talk politics, and organize to get out the vote.

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When your friends and family ask you - What can we do to make sure we win this election in November? Give them this link so they can sign up to talk with voters, do texing, send letters and postcards, and WIN!

Here's our web address https://multdems.org/2020hub

Host Actions and Support our Volunteers

Democrats are motivated to win the White House and a Senate Majority. We’ll have critical races here in Oregon too. Every volunteer call, postcard, text gets us closer. You can help volunteers be more effective and have way more fun doing it!

Are you friendly, a good explainer, some experience canvassing, phoning, postcards or texting, and reasonably comfortable with virtual tools like Zoom and google? Could you plan to volunteer a few hours a week (or more if you like). You can focus on specific effort or some of each: Senate races, Biden battleground states, Vote by Mail applications. Oregon statewide and local races.

This campaign season, our election office will be virtual. We need your help to run this “Election Hub” Welcoming, orienting and tracking volunteers; Hosting phone banks and postcard parties – training and supporting volunteers; updating campaign contacts, scripts and event dates. You'll still want to make coffee, and even order pizza - at home!

Please email us at Elections2020@multdems.org if your ready to take on a bigger piece of the campaign.

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Text Voters

Join the MoveOn Text Team! Join a nationwide community of passionate volunteers using the power of peer-to-peer (p2p) text messaging to mobilize members and voters across the country. Training and support is organized by the Dems of Rossmoor Texters. These folks will get you set up on the Slack workspace, the Spoke platform and do some really solid 1-1 training so your texts are effective and you feel prepared. Get started now with the Rossmoor Texters.

Sign up to be a Multnomah Dems volunteer! Questions - reach us at Elections2020@multdems.org