Muhammad Tahir Lakhani

Muhammad Tahir Lakhani Dubai

Mr. Tahir Lakhani went for a potential career in the shipping industry at an early age and right within his 20s, he went on to work in a ship recycling yard belonging to a close friend in Pakistan. He spent more than 3 years at the same yard in Pakistan while following a strict routine of 8 am to 8 pm on likewise surroundings.

Instead of giving up, Mr. Lakhani went all guns blazing with his efforts at his workplace and managed the provided task with utmost dedication and hard work. He was allocated with the work to manage and supervise cut steel plates which were then to be sold to the onsite traders.

His overall experience and work period at the shipping industry motivated him to go for a bigger opportunity. Hence, decided to shift from Pakistan to Dubai in order to kick start his own establishment within the same domain.

In 1985, Mr. Tahir Lakhani finally kick started his business involving the buying and selling of old ships to and from the ship recycling yards for decommissioning. During that time, Mr. Tahir Lakhani came over as the first ever “cash buyer” in the UAE to establish and operate such a big entity on his own.

Finally in the year 1997, he finally struck a big deal in the same business and tasted his first bite of success in the ship recycling industry. He was been deemed as the biggest ‘cash buyer’ of ships in the UAE. Speaking of the number, his agency sold and bought more than 100 ships within an year , a feat that was impossible to achieve for anyone around.

In 1996, he finally struck his biggest deal involving the purchase of three ex-Adriatic Tankers VLCC’s in international waters off the UAE and then sending them off to the breakers in Pakistan. By 1999, he thought of shifting his business to a bigger and better International platform so considered a move to shift to the UK with his family.

This is where he started off with the building and establishment of his network and connections within the International shipping industry.

In the year 2009, Mr Tahir Lakhani Dubai secured the British Citizenship but still kept on visiting Dubai regularly. Eventually, in order to expand his business in terms of scale and size, he shifted back to Dubai in 2014.